6 Days of Mascara No. 2: VOV Goodbye Eye Pender Review (Tube Mascara)

VOV is a Korean beauty brands with some really interesting products, although I haven’t found anything from the brand (yet) that I really really love.

I indulged in their tube mascara – because I do so hate the process of removing eye make up and this stuff comes off with warm water.

The mascara is called Goodbye Eye Pender. It sounds like that film, The Last Air Bender. But what I think it’s trying to say, is you won’t be getting any more ‘eye panda’:

(Liner also in photo, will review another time).

This is some posh mascara – it comes in a fancy bo with a free cleansing wash!

The brush is fairly big and curved. It’s a pretty decent brush in terms of getting into the corners of the eye – can’t fault the shape or size of it too much.

The mascara itself is a bit like Fiberwig, but slightly less fibery. However it is very black and a little on the gloopy side.


It is, in fact, so damn thick and gloopy that it heavily weighed down my lashes. Curl hold was zero – disappointing for an Asian mascara.

Unlike with Fiberwig it was useless when used with a heated curler afterwards to boost the curl – it just melted everywhere.

Also, it’s gloopy – yes it does give a thickening effect but it’s so damn messy to use.



Yes it does come off easily in tubes but totally not worth it considering it doesn’t do anything else well.

Verdict: Skip!

I bought this for about £8 from eBay.

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