Review: Shiseido Perfect Mascara is Conceited

Even if you’re not getting bored with my search for the perfect mascara, I certainly am. I must have about 35 mascaras now, all that I have bought with hard earned moolah, all with varying results, from:

URGH! to

MEH! to

HMM to


I actually got a little sample size of Shiseido’s latest offering, Perfect Mascara thus saving myself money (Why didn’t I think of asking for samples from the counters before? Oh, because they are manned by evil bitches!). Anyway here’s the ‘Perfect’ mascara:

shiseido mascara.jpg

My, my, my. Don’t you know better than to enter the Candy Cavern with such proclamations?

So here is my eye bare:

bare eye.jpg

They say:

All-day Beautiful Finish. Proven Smudge-proof formula. Easy to Remove with Warm Water. Creates amazing volume, length and curl — all benefits in one mascara. Intense lustrous color that never dulls. “Flexible”, non-clumping formula stays smudge-free all day. Contains Pro Vitamin B5 – a treatment ingredient, that makes formula gentle for lashes.

This is also my bare eye with a little clump in from yesterday…ahem. WE WON’T COUNT THAT AGAINST SHISEIDO, OK?

bare eye-1.jpg

The Perfect mascara has a pretty standard bristle brush, so I guess we are not playing the battery-powered-rotating-spikey-ball-square-grass lined brush game here. We are relying of formula, baby.

One Coat:

shiseido mascara.jpg

The texture of the mascara is a little creamy, and fibery. For length, it is fantastic (as you can see on my lashes). Volume….well let’s try a few coats to see. But length, it is stellar. Texture is rather nice too. So far not affecting my curl too much, which you may know, is a major bugbear of mine.

A bit of floppage….and a big spidery, isn’t it? On the verge of clumping:

mascara .jpg

With 2 coats, there is even more lovely length, but no real volume and I can sense without careful application, its going to clump. It is not one of those mascara’s that is resistant to clump.

It also also began to make my lashes flop…not majorly, but it certainly isn’t boosting any curl. There’s still something about it that looks a bit bitty – its not quite as rich as I’d like.

2 Coats:

two coats.jpg

From the side, you can see its made my lashes flop at the sides and there’s those little bitty bits on my lashes. I still love how black it is and I love the length though, and it comes of quite easily:

shiseido mascara-1.jpg

** I also tried this with Shiseido Lash Base and it made my lashes flop even quicker than previously although it added more volume.

Of the expensive (£16+) mascaras I have bought lately, I prefer Dior Iconic Extreme (Waterproof) combined with Shiseido Lash Base the most.


Calling your mascara ‘Perfect’ it a little bold and guess what, I had (like the Wii Fit also told me) unrealistic expectations.

In this case, the mascara was almost there, like how Victoria Beckham is ‘almost’ an alien.

It’s nice to apply, it looks good, it makes my lashes long. But it also makes them flop a little, it’s a bit bitty, its a bit dry.

It’s not perfect, but it’s not that far from perfect. But almost doesn’t count.

And on that positive note, this ‘perfect’ kitten says HAI!:

_cute_kitten.jpg (JPEG Image, 300x300 pixels).jpg
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  1. Holly says

    Have you tried Giorgio Armani’s Eyes To Kill mascara? That one in black is my actual perfect mascara. I only discovered it a couple of weeks ago after looking at reviews on Make Up Alley, and I don’t think I can fault it.

    The tube is massively heavy though, for some reason.

    • Row says

      Hey Holly

      No I haven’t changed this – I may go in and get a SA to apply it then I can check to see if it makes my lashes flop before I buy it!!!

  2. acelira says

    Aaaww <3 kitty! You know, here in Guadalajara (Mexico) a lot of girls, and even make up artist prefer the cheapest, mascaras over those of the high end brands. They do what the others promises to do, at least for some people, and last all day. This brand, Gelden, makes my favourite one : . I couldn't find a picture but it comes in a pink tube (very distinctive I think, I've heard people call it "the pink one" ) . This is my second favorite, apple by adoro: Apple comes in lovely colours. Here apple versus Etee Lauder I'm no saying they are kitty-perfect, but they are pretty good, have natural pigments, or so they say; and are ridiculously cheap. :3

    • Row says

      Hey Acelira

      I bet you girls have stunning lashes to begin with!!! I will check out those brands – my dream is to find the most amazing mascara but that it is an affordable one 😀 I really want the apple mascara now 😀

  3. Helen says

    i have a problem with sampless!! i found that non waterproof mascara was what made my lashes flop, so maybe its the same with you?

    • Row says

      Hey Helen

      Well, they say that waterproof mascara is better at holding curl (but is drier) and I find this too be true too! Non waterproof mascara’s tend to be richer and creamier they are water based whereas waterproof ones are oil based….

      Having said that the Shiseido Perfect is water resisitant I think and Japanese mascaras tend to be good at the curl thing! Or they should be!

    • Row says

      Hi Mint

      Yep there are some good points to this mascara and it washed off with just water !!! But…its not perfect!