Speed Review: Vidi Vici Brilliant BB Cream Review

Earlier in the year Auntie Candy went to Hong Kong and picked up some Vidi Vici goodies for me.  Vidi Vici is a high end Korean cosmetic brand that I was pretty excited about. 

One of the items I asked her to get is their Brilliant BB Cream. This product has whitening properties, ‘wrinkle improvement’ and a SPF35.  It was around £30 so not cheap at all – I am a huge fan of foundation so to get this product (BB creams to me are very hit and miss) over a nice base was a leap of faith!

Vidi Vici Brilliant BB Cream Review

It comes in a plain white box (as you can obviously see!) and a clinical looking squeezy tube. Nothing special considering the price. 

The texture of this BB cream is similar to a lot of Korean BB’s I’ve tried – it has an underlying greasiness to it, something I generally dislike despite having dry skin.  It has sheer to medium coverage – I’d actually say it was more medium and it covers redness quite well. 

Vidi Vici Brilliant BB Cream Review Vidi Vici Brilliant BB Cream Review

Like a lot of BB creams there is no shade choice. I took a risk getting this since a lot of Asian BB’s have an ashy tone to them but with this being a high end brand…I dunno I expected it to blend it quite well.

Vidi Vici Brilliant BB Cream Review 1

The shade looks like a beige-yellow base.

In real life it has a really ashy tone – I mean really ashy. On my skin which is warm toned it looks TERRIBLE.  It looked ghostly.  It would work much better on someone with paler skin the moi – any skin with warm or olive tones will look ill in this product.

I will show you a swatch of the BB on my skin – you can see it TOTALLY doesn’t look right one me!

Vidi Vici Brilliant BB Cream Review 2

The ingredients list is…erm….long:

Ingredients 1

The colour is completely wrong for me so it’s hard for me to appreciate this product! The texture is fine and perhaps with long term use the whitening benefits would come across better but for me, this product just looks too ashy. In the blog sale it goes!


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  1. says

    Oh dear. I have heard a lot about this brand by watching BeautyQQ on YT. I think BB cream makers really need to go beyond that one shade nonsense. Western brands don’t really get BB creams but they get giving a variety of shades.