Japanese Hair Styles

I am still quite old school when it comes to getting my hair cut…whilst I trust my hairdresser 100%, I still love the ritual of finding and cutting (or printing these days) a photograph of a nice hair cut or colour I’ve found.

There’s a fair assortment of these kinds of magazines in the UK, but I’ve found them pretty lame. The same old same old images crop up time after time with only a slight variation. Colours are either standard or so wacky there’s no way you would actually style it that way. I stopped buying those magazine a long time ago.

Personally, I love flirty, long, wavy hair. I like dark, I like blonde, but you know when you see something and its just right? Japanese hair looks do that for me.

I’m not saying that Japanese styles aren’t samey too, but they are beautifully styled, the colours are funky but flattering and I just look the easy breezy look.

I found a BRILLIANT hair website here called Rasysa – I am so excited I actually can’t stop picking out a colour and look! I would go for any of those styles under the long section.

You like?

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  1. says

    Yeah… I like! I use Japanese hairstyles for inspiration too – but they are notoriously difficult to maintain. Japanese women are really, really (x 100) patient when it comes to their looks. I have a bunch of Japanese and Taiwan magazines and in all of them they teach you how to achieve that wavy, romantic waves you like… most of them use a curling iron and some hair products (too bad I don’t understand their languages!)

    Try ViViDaisuki forum… the members there scan and upload different kinds of Japanese magazines so you can look at the latest trend now (which is still samey, just varies subtly). You need to register as a member first though.

    Have fun and good luck! :)

  2. belle says

    pls help me..
    i want to cut my hair, n i wanna know what is the best japanese heir style for me.
    my hair is long n straight..
    i like japanesew hair styles so much!!

  3. petite.lune says

    i’m totally in love with japanese hairstyles too. :)
    i have been looking for a good picture to show my hairartist how i want my hair to be cut for quite a while, but since i’ve found your link i’m the happiest human being on earth, belive me 😀

    i guess the only problem about these hairstyles is, that they perfectly fit asian faces, but you’re not really sure wether they fit your face too. mh.. i’m still afraid of trying it, but since i’ve finally gotten a few fitting pictures, i will 😉 thanks god 😀

  4. says

    hello ! uhm … i would love to have a japanese haircut for me .. but i don’t know if it will match my face… face face is a bit oval in shape … oh please help me … thanks.. :)

  5. Ay says

    I am a big fan of Japanese Haircut as well, mostly because it doesn’t look heavy and so far, I think it’s the only haircut that would suit my hair and face best. I adore the technique, lots of layers adding volume to the crown, and my hair is wavy, so I don’t have to perm to get the texture, styling will only take seconds!

  6. Ay says

    Mine is almost the same with the picture above, only shorter and black (my natural hair color).

  7. Dee says

    did you find that picture on the website? if so, please what page? xD I’ve looked through 223 pages and can’t find it.

  8. says

    I went on that website a few years ago and I could not stop looking at the looks!!! SO gorgeous and so very helpful!! I totally forgot about it, thank you! Perfect timing, too, because I’ve been wanting to cut my hair for so long..! yay! :))

    love your blog!!! =)

    xx Denise

  9. Lear says

    Hi, just curious that you like Japanese hair style so much yet you never wrote any review of Japanese hair salon (or is there?) Do you always prefer to go to local salons? There’re loads of Japanese salons in London and it’s very competitive between them. But one big problem going there is the communication: sometimes it’s really hard to get your idea straight with the stylist’s poor english…

    • Row says

      Hi Lear

      Unfortunately there aren’t any Japanese hair salons near me – I think there are some in London though but I never get round to going. I know my friend went to one and had a hair disaster but of course that is just one example and I wouldn’t not go myself – i would take a photograph with me though!!! I tend to try different salons all the time but in terms of my home town I just go to a basic hairdresser for trims! I find they are more behind on techniques, like the Ombre hair effect – no one in my town knew what I meant!