Kath & Kim US? So wrong!

For making me live thorough 10 years of the awfulness that is Neighbours and Home & Away, every. single. day. of. my. life. after school, the Australians with have come up with a funny and clever series, Kath & Kim.

So Wiki says:

Kath & Kim stars Jane Turner as Kath Day-Knight, a cheerful 50-something divorcee currently in a happy relationship with her fiancĂ© (and then husband), the prissy Kel Knight. She deals with her spoilt, ever complaining, 20-something daughter Kim Craig; Kim’s unlucky, sports obsessed second best friend Sharon Strzelecki; Kim’s estranged husband Brett Craig; and their baby daughter Epponnee Rae* Craig.

*People who give their kids middle joining name thingies, like Mae or Rae or Bae as an attempt to sound klassy, should be shot.

Ok, so the characters in many ways, exist in every western country but the Aussies play is so much better. Its that accent…the fashion sense…everything.

Imagine my horror when I realised there would be a US version!:

With Selma “hell boy” Blair, no less! She’s not fat enough! She’s not awful enough! See how they still look fairly high end and Selma still looks beautiful under that coffied black hair? Look at how forced those garish outfits in the promo shot above are (very Liz Hurley if you ask me) – its a bit too much you know?

The point is that whilst Kath and Kim have hideous fashion sense, they don’t know that, they think they look great, and their clothes are just on the cusp of vulgarity. Like Kath’s slightly too tight jeans and slightly too tight t-shirts revealing bubbly white flesh – don’t tell me you don’t actually know someone that has dressed like that before. Those cropped jeans and wedges made for someone with slim ankles – you know your best friend wore it and you didnt say a thing. And everyone knows (or has done it themselves, ahem) someone who matches the shoes to the bag to the belt.

The point is that Kath and Kim is surreal but also real at the same time. Or maybe that’s just me…

Whilst I think that when the US make a lot of series, dramas, sitcoms a helluva lot better than anyone else there are something things that I’m not sure will translate.

But I could be utterly wrong!* I’ll give it a go for the sake of Selma Blair.

Now all together! “Look at meeeeuuuuoooouuu” (I know thats not a very good phonetic decription).

*I’m never wrong

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  1. joe says

    I loved the US version – I couldn’t understand the Aussie version – maybe it was the aussie references and annoying accents
    I miss the US version :(