Not a wimp!

So I went anyway – butterflies in the tummy ‘an all.

It wasn’t bad – well it was bad, but it was bearable. The upperlip – ouch! The lady told me the upperlip is the worst “so lets start there” and it did feel like someone had a very sharp fork and was poking me in the face in it…but it was fine. Damn, I almost enjoyed the pain.

Brows are a breeze if you can cope with upper lip. It did pinch a bit but once again no big deal.

The result is great – my brows still look natural but dead neat, the moustache has gone, all those niggly strays have gone. And its very quick too – we’re talking 5 mins.

My face did go horrible red. Sensitive as I am it got a bit itchy but 1 hour later its already settled down. But I would not do it if I had to go somewhere straight after or if I had to get a bus.

I went to the Brazillian Waxing Company and my girl was Sam, very recommended.

Now if you’d excuse me, I’m ready for childbirth.

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  1. Chica says

    Ooh, you’re braver than me, threading seems so painful O.o
    I watched Dark Knight again….and I declare Bale the hottest man alive 😀 x