Monday Giveaway: Win 1 of 5 Cor ‘The Silver Soap’! Posh Soap!

Ladies! I hope you are having a great Friday! I have a busy but fun one ahead!

Today I have 5 x 10g Cor The Silver Soap to giveaway, worth £15 each.

Cor the silver soap 1

What is this mysterious silver soap?!

“Cor’s stylish multi-tasking The Silver Soap contains the unique patented formula of Nano-Silver with Silica Compound to help clear skin, remove make-up, even skin tone, reduce spots / pore size, replenish lost collagen, cleanse tone and exfoliate in one, nourish the skin and reduce signs of ageing.  

Collagen, Sericin, and Chitosan comprise the Uber-Compound unique to Cor, developed using the latest technology from Japan. The molecules of CSC are broken down into their nano-size to ensure delivery, absorption and performance upon reaching the target layer.

 This patented delivery system also allows its active ingredients to get to the core of most skin issues including: acne, pigmentation, scarring and sun spots.

The Silver Soap is unperfumed and contains no parabens or preservatives.”

Wanna win?  

Leave me a comment telling me:

What are you doing this weekend?

Me: I am house hunting, I am also going for a make up trial, going to smell some scents on Jo Malone, packing and sorting out cosmetics and clothes to giveaway or donate to charity. I am also doing some babysitting and hope to catch up on some blog photos! Oh – I am also going to a buffet grill type place for dinner! Which is a bit sad as I have totally gone off meat recently so I guess I’ll have triple servings of salad?!

Why not visit the Cor Facebook page which is here?

*Open internationally and I will pick winners after approximately 2 weeks. Thanks :) 

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  1. Katherine says

    I’m going to stay with a friend for a couple of days. Really excited because I haven’t seen her since New Years!

    Good luck to everyone!

  2. Janet Shepherd says

    Washing sheets to put out on the first sunny day in about a week, a bit of DIY putting up blinds, and a home mani/pedi! Am putting Mr S to work replacing high lightbulbs & mowing the lawn 😉

  3. Daintynymph says

    I’m going to my parents cabin this weekend for the first time in months. I’m really excited, because I’ve been really stressed lately and this will give me a chance to escape the world for a little bit.

  4. espenine says

    I am going to try dinner at a new Brazilian Churrascaria restaurant with live band and bar! I am looking forward to 15 cuts of sizzling meats on skewers, yummmmm! :)

  5. says

    Oooh squee I’d love to try this! Okay, so tonight I am sitting on my bum, watching the Formula 1 show, maybe getting a pizza. Tomorrow I’m taking my little girl to ballet, maybe going for a walk… no real plans to be honest, just hanging out with my husband, my little girl and my cat and relaxing! x

  6. says

    Oh, I don´t have any plan yet but I think that I´m not going to do anything exciting. My boyfriend works all the weekend and my friends leaved London for ever (they come back to their countries, snif snif) .I´m a bit alone because I arrived to London 1 year ago and it´s difficult make friends.
    Anyway, maybe I´ll go for walking or some shopping.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Jane says

    Firstly, providing Friday sneakily qualifies as weekend, I will be translating furiously tonight since I’ve got an early Monday deadline to meet. Then on Saturday, I am going down to Brick Lane for London’s Coffee Festival where I hope to drink lots and lots of coffee and coffee-originated things. Later on, I will be joining my friends for a classical concert at Wigmore Hall for some piano and cello ensemble. Then, (still on the same day) I will have a go at music myself at a karaoke (with inevitable food and dice games coming into the equation). After the busy Saturday, hopefully I will have a relaxing/religious Sunday where I will spend most of my day at church. Then come home and finish off my seemingly never-ending translation task!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Cheryl Alexander says

    I live for the weekend whether it’s a chilled one or busy one, this weekend going to stuff my face with marshmallows & chocolate dipped in hot milk my favourite & have my first go at making cupcakes as the diet starts on Monday as it’s just hit me that its 4months to the big day so i’m going to make the most of it and enjoy being a wee pig this weekend 😉 we’re adopting a kitty called Rosie from the animal shelter so she’s getting her microchip and vaccines so is hopefully ready to come to her new home on Saturday so we will get her settled with our other kitty. Sunday my fiance is going to build me a dressing table which i’m super excited about & I will play & have a clear out of my makeup and find a place for everything on the dressing table the whole day no doubt & hopefully fit a little bit of spring cleaning 😉 hope everyone has a good one whatever they’re up to lv Cheryl x

  9. Diane says

    This weekend is going to be super great! I’m going to try and finish my anatomy sketches and chemistry homework. Then, on Saturday night I’m going to my friends concert. And Sunday will be dedicated to finding my mom ate perfect mothers day gift!

  10. says

    Tomorrow, I’m going to the park with my friend and his cute dog. Then I’m getting the bus home (I’m a student living away from home) to snag some free food, heat, and water! Will probably do a bit of study and Oracle SQL programming, and try to relax – I’ve just done two exams.

  11. yasmine choudhry says

    a fab prize been reading about this products and that jessica biel uses this dont know if shes paid to say that not being sarcy but nowadays celebs are paid to say these things to get us muggings to part with our money
    i am housebound, if i was ok i would love a facial to relax me and a massage for my body as i get really stiff after several spinal operations and help with the tension in by body
    miss going out not the same shopping online

  12. Jasmin says

    I will be going on first aid duty. I volunteer during the holidays mostly and try to during university too!

  13. Caroline says

    I am revising my ass off! Uni student here so going to hibernate in the library sadly “:(

  14. says

    This weekend I plan to up my exercise regime, do a minor detox and catch up on as much rest as possible, as my Dad has been in town for a week for my graduation ceremony last weekend, so the whole family’s been eating and pigging out a lot 😛

  15. Radmila says

    sleeeep (priority), then wash windows, take my daughter for ballroomdance competition, go out only with my husband – the two of us!

  16. says

    Aaaah, I’d love to win this! I have been dying to try it out for ages, but the price has always put me off! This weekend, I am revising for my A level exams that begin next month, aah! This would be a wonderful treat! xx

  17. Scarie says

    This weekend I am mostly minding my nanny ( she is 84 with alzheimers and we take turns minding her). Then it will be a Voice marathon. The voice UK today and the Voice Ireland one tomorrow, it’s the final of the Voice Ireland one!

  18. says

    Spent half of my weekend stuck on London underground because of floods, so that was lovely. Tomorrow I’m going to mope around and do nothing, bloody weather.

  19. Shannon says

    It was my 21st birthday this weekend! Had my family come over, and I got the best present ever: my little brother, in all sincerity, handed me a large envelope with a single sequin in it. It was my favourite colour and everything!

  20. says

    This weekend I have been in the wonderful Oxford seeing some newly engaged friends. I am now back in rainy London, contemplating braving the weather to venture out to Tescos and desperately avoiding going for a run!

  21. Jen says

    Oooooh I would really love to win this! I’ve been meaning to try this soap out for ages, but just haven’t got round to ordering it…I love all things silver!

    Yesterday, I took my mum to Liverpool for a stroll around, trundled all the way to Chinatown from Liverpool one and was sorely disappointed as most of the shops and restaurants seemed to be closed, plus it was deserted :( At least the shopping at Liverpool one was good!
    Today, weather is so godawful and dark, it’s gonna be a hibernation day methinks :/

    Out of interest…the buffet grill type place you’re going…is it the Korean bbq in Chinatown, or the one near gay village that has the steamboat as well? I’ve tried the gay village one, it’s pretty good for the price, always full of students so you know the price is right!

  22. says

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    The weekend is (almost!) over but I’ve had a lovely relaxing one, mainly involving baking, drinking tea and eating everything I’ve baked!

  23. Christine says

    Oops, it’s the end of the weekend – can I just say what I *did* do???
    Saturday visited a National Trust house then had a games might for our church youthgroup.
    Today (Sunday) my boyfriend of almost 3 months ‘met the famiky’ (however, I’m Australian and that’s where my parents are, so the family he met were an aunt, 2 uncles, 2 cousins and a 4yo!!!)

    Hooray for giveaways

  24. stefania says

    I painted an oil painting and did some shopping, two things that I really love to do

  25. Anna says

    I’m having a sleepover for two of my friends from school – where going to have an 80’s horror movie night to help us unwind from exam prep stress :) It’s going to be great!

  26. Helen says

    Oops, weekend is over now, I’m a bit slow.
    I went for a Spray tan, manicure and a pedicure. I also went to Sainsbury’s. I cooked a Spaghetti Bolognese, I mean I cooked it properly from a recipe. I looked out the window at all the rain and most importantly I gave my Cat lots of cuddles.

  27. lite says

    This weekend I will be catching up on my sleep as I just got back now from 8 days trip with my parents to Florence, Pisa, Naples, and Amsterdam. It was super awesome but also exhausting at the same time.

  28. Hazel Christopher says

    Sorting out the cupboards and wardrobes and all storage areas in the house!! I have accumulated so much *stuff* – where does it all come from?? I just have no more room for anything so out with the old and in with the new (in other words I throw stuff out = I get to shop!)

  29. lucy osborne says

    Well i should be decorating my huge hallway ( 3 floored house) bumy friends are naughty and will text me to come to the pub and i never need to be asked twice haha