Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm Review


I have been meaning to try this Cleansing Balm for a long time but somehow never got used to it.  I’ve been doing much better with making sure I go…

Current Pregnancy Skincare Routine Autumn 2014 & General Catch Up!


Ah! It occurred to me that I haven’t blogged for a good few days – it is the third trimester tiredness that has truly set in combined with being ill…

Childs Farm New Products Review! Hand & Body Lotion, 3 in 1 Swim & Nappy Cream!


If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that I am something of a kids skincare connoisseur – I’ve become obsessive in making sure that H uses good quality skincare…

For all the family! Melvita Universal Cream Review


I do love a bit of Melvita skincare – I am a fan of their cleansers in particular and oils.  One of their newer releases in the Universal Cream –…

Sensitive Skin: Weleda Iris Moisture Balancing Hydrating Masque & Bioderma Gentle Exfoliating Cream


I have had to ditch the fancier elements of my skincare during my pregnancy because of sensitivity. I have found some serums that I can tolerate, but generally speaking, anything…

Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado Review


I have wanted to try the famous Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado for a long time, but some how, I always ended up finishing something else.  I do forget…

Melvita Rose Beauty Mist and Plumping Radiance Duo – Pulpe De Rose Review


I do adore Melvita. I do wish they would open up a store pop North for us though.  Aside from not being able to go into a store to play…

Childs Farm Bubble Bath & Skincare Review


I am a huge fan of organic skincare for H – I mean this child has a pretty amazing selection of skincare because I like to make sure I am…

Kiehls Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate Review


I must’ve already mentioned that my skin fell apart a few months or so ago – I had the roughest red sore patches on my cheeks, and had to sort…

Sensitive Skins Rejoice! Clarisonic Luxe Cashmere Cleanse Facial Brush Head Review


I love the concept of the Clarisonic, I really do, and I have had about 4 versions (that I have bought and also as press samples) over the years, because…

Paris Beauty Haul! Baby Pharmacy Goodies, Yves Rocher, Sephora, Monoprix


So I told you a few posts ago about my trip to Paris…well as always, I seem to end up hauling beauty goodies even when it isn’t my intention too….

Saving my Sensitive Skin: Hada labo ES skincare Review


My skin did a super super big flip out recently (I blame pregnancy and stress) and I had extremely sandpapery rough red dry patches on my cheeks that stung intensely…

Getting Party Ready with BIC Soleil & Bourjois!


I have always had good quality disposable razors handy regardless of any other hair removal methods I’ve used (such as waxing) because there’s always times when you need to get quickly and…

RMK Skincare Favourites; Cleansing Balm, Firming Essence, Recovery Gel & Massage Balm!


RMK remains one of my favourite Japanese beauty and skincare brands – I just have a soft spot for them – and there’s some products that I have used for…

Beauty at Ideal World TV and Elizabeth Grant Product Review!


  Ok, hands up if you watch the shopping channels?  Once a place for students staying up all night to finish essays, or new mummies holding their tearful newborns, shopping…

Oh-Lief Natural Oilive Tummy Wax and other Pregnancy Moisturisers!


So I am now going through pregnancy for the second time around…does it feel massively different this time? Nope, not really. One thing I do hope is different is that…

Ethos Hairdressing and Sharon Peake Hair Cut and Salon Review!


After yet another hair mishap (a ridiculously short bob that was impossible to style, when all I asked for was a trim) I was sent by a sympathetic PR to Ethos…

Lovely Baby Skincare: Weleda Baby Derma White Mallow Review


Ever since Baby H was born, I have been committed to only using good quality, natural skincare on him.  As a result I have tested many many different brands.  H…

Proskin Clinics Treatment for Pigmentation & Sun Damage!


Pigmentation, brown spots and an uneven skin tone really wasn’t anything I thought about much until recent years when I noticed light freckling appearing on the top of my cheeks….

Lanolips Banana Balm Review


Back in 2009 I had by first experience with Lanolips  and since then, the range has really grown and I’ve always though fondly of the products.  The Original product certainly, has…

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