Move Over Vajazzle! Introducing the Peen-jazzle, intimate crystal designs for men!

Everyone has now heard of the Vajazzle; the body art crystals that you can wear on…intimate areas… (if not check out my giveaway here!).


Well guys don’t need to feel left out anymore as the Vajazzle service has now been launched for men, called ‘Peen-jazzle’.

They say:

One of the hottest intimate beauty accessories, Vajazzle, has now been made available to men who want to give their partners a sparkly treat!

Unlike the Vajazzle which is stuck to the pubic area on the ladies, the Peen-jazzle is unique, as the Swarovski crystals are applied with a cement based glue to the most intimate area of the male body.

These crystals are completely safe and will stay put for at least 7 days. It is even safe to wear during intimate moments although we will not be held responsible for lost crystals.

We got a shot of one of the first Peen-jazzles, click to see:

*Contains Nudity. Not suitable for sensitive dispositions*

Clive, 36, who had the above treatment says, “I came in for a scale and polish. What the hell have you done to me?”

The treatment is available from beauty salons all over the UK and the treatment costs £20 or free with a scale and polish.

What do you think? Would you send your loved one for a Peen-jazzle?

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  1. says

    pmsl. Was thinking that the owner of said peen was in need of a bit more than a stuck on crystal, maybe a month long course of antibiotics?! The best April fool by a mile, or a couple of inches at least!

  2. says

    Peen-jazzle?! Those two words squashed together nearly made me vom a little ‘:D

    Anyway, that doesn’t look like any peen I’ve seen – definitely looks like a Tesco Pork & Sage sausage to me!

  3. Yasmin Butt says

    Brilliant April Fools! They’d all fall off as soon as the little fella had his happy ending ; )

  4. electronicfly says

    LOL! I was wondering who was the poor fellow to have his not-normal-looking + blinged peepee shown all over the internet, until I read the comments and remembered what day it is!

  5. says

    ahahaha I was about to say that does not look like a healthy pee-pee
    and who the hell cares about “lost crystals”? what about “ripped condom”?

  6. Jen says

    omg by far the best april fools I’ve seen today!! LMAO!!
    that said, I did get a bit of a fright when I scrolled down…that pee-pee looks every so slightly diseased LOL

  7. Yazmin says

    Lmfao i told my boyfriend about this before i realised it was an april fools joke lol, he seemed very intrigued loll

  8. Charlotte says

    Sometimes I think you’re awesome but then I remember that you’re a total biatch. I love you biatch. Clive hates you though. x

  9. says

    OMG!!! I was catching up on my Google Reader, totally forgetting that April Fools was just yesterday.. I TOTALLY THOUGHT IT WAS TRUE!!!! AND I FREAKED OUT!!!! AND WENT, OMG THAT’S SO DISGUSTING!!! THAT’S A DISGUSTING PENIS!!!

  10. Meh says

    What the hell is wrong with the man’s penis? that is NOT normal. And I DON’T mean the crystals.
    Go to the doctor STAT!!