Where for art thou tweezers?

Tut. In the space of 2 months I have lots three pairs of tweeezers! First ones to go were my HG, Shu Uemura ones. I replaced these with cute green dotty tweezerman ones – should have known better than to buy mini tweezers, these were gone in one week! Replaced with Shavarta tweezers, quite a nice looking pair….gone, as of today.

As a result, I did that thing, where to find something you tip out every box of junk you have only to create a bigger mess than you could have ever imagined. And once you have started you have to finish….

Off I go again in a moment for an Italian and some new tweezers! I am seriously considering spending less than my usual £20-£30 since they disappear without a trace every few weeks. Do I go for the usual Tweezerman? Back to Shu? Do any of the other big brands do good tweezers?

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    • Row says

      Hey Elizabeth

      Octopus eh!! There’s a new one in manchester so I may pop down to have a look. What else do they sell in there? I know my cousins are obsessed with that shop!

  1. Kiyo says

    I don’t know if you’ve tried them already but here in the US, we have TRIM and they have AMAZING tweezers. A slanted tip one that comes with a pouch was only 97 cent and they were great (until I decided to mess them up D;).
    I recently got another pair, but because the ones I wanted were out of stock, I had to switch to a different one.
    These look like a less colorful, more professional looking pair of tweezermans. Slanted tip, rounded back, matte black painting on the body. . . they’re magnificent and only $2.07!
    They’re great for getting those pesky and stubborn small hairs!
    I suggest picking up a pair if you have TRIM where you live!

    • Row says

      Hey Kiyo

      Hmm trim, I don’t think I have heard of them. I will have a look – the cheaper tweezers I have found (in the UK) just aren’t as sturdy as better made tweezers!

  2. says

    I use Sephora’s own ‘Swiss made’ (as opposed to ‘Suisse Maid’, I guess) slanted tweezers and I have to say they are the best tweezers I’ve ever tried. I own two of these tweezers (and @ $40 a pop, they aren’t exactly cheap), but they’ve never let me down.

    I’m told these tweezers are made by Rubis, who also makes Bobbi Brown’s tweezers, so if you can locate a pair of Rubis tweezers, you should be all set.

    • Row says

      Hey Pandy

      Rubis…ok that rings a bell I’ll have a look around. It’s all Tweezerman over here which is ok, not spectacular. If I could only stop losing tweezers I’d happily invest in a stellar pair. Perhaps I need to wear it around my neck?

    • Row says

      I shall seek out the Rubis or is all else fails just get myself some more Shu’s which are excellent.

      You don’t know good you got it till you lend someone elses crappy tweezers.