Review: Smilepod the high street dental hygenist that isn’t too scary

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Mention the dentist, and I get that strange bubbling feeling in my stomach, my palms start to sweat and I get tetchy. When I was a kid I had no sweet regulation system (blame my mother!) and sure enough, I chomped and chomped away until there we big holes in my teeth.

Then there I was, aged 5 at the dentist being told that I needed to have 8 teeth pulled out. Its funny how I don’t remember much from being a child, but distinctively remember being that dental surgery, the smell of TCP, the toilets, the feeling of fear and how it was like waiting to be hung.

Yeah, that bad.

But I digress. I hate the dentists, did I mention? I have successfully avoided a dentist for about 1.5 years – its not difficult in England because getting a NHS dentist is about as easy as finding a MAC sales girl who doesn’t look like a tranny.

Anyway I visited the Smile pod (not dentists!) a Smile pod, which made things sound so much better!

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The Clinic

I was greeted in the very chic but cosy clinic by friendly staff, and everything felt very unscary and informal. Smile Pod is a walk in hygienists, so unlike the usual dentist where you have to make an appointment first, you can actually just pop in on your lunch break or whenever you want a deep clean.

Smile pod staff are qualified dentists carrying hygienist and whitening duties.

The reason for this is because it is against the law in the UK for you to see a hygienist without seeing a dentist first (yeah, this again = £££££). This way, if the staff are dentists, you don’t need to go twice just to see they hygienist for a deep clean!

The Treatment

My dentist was Elaine, who had rather stunning (real) teeth (“Imagine if your dentist didn’t have great teeth” mocked the Smile pod manager. “I dunno”, I replied ” have you seen some hairdressers hair!?”).

Dr Elaine did the high gloss diamond polish for me which is stain removal using a jet then a polish using a diamond paste. It wasn’t until I put my head back on the chair that I remembered how utterly terrified I was of dentists. I looked at her pleadingly. She said she would be gentle…and….it wasn’t bad at all, actually. I have one very sensitive spot, which Dr Elaine promptly stopped at -everything else was a bit uncomfortable but not at all unbearable. It was all very quick, very easy.


I have a wonky tooth on my bottom set, which has been a magnet for staining as its harder to brush and due to my love of coffee, not even two rounds of Crest White Strips has been able to sort them out. Yes, they have been able to lighten the stains a little but I have tried with various treatments to target the staining but they would not go…until Smile pod!

I wasn’t expecting a quickie treatment (that in the end took about 30mins because I was hideously late) to get rid of the stains as I have had them for a long time. But they did!

Before Smile pod:


After Smile pod:


There you go, the things I do for this blog.

If I had known it would take the dentist 30 mins to remove stains I’ve had for a few years I would have gone down there like a shot! They offer various hygienist cleaning, whitening, tooth jewellery etc. Prices are here.

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I’d highly recommend Smile pod because:

* The prices are fixed (no extra charges for this and that)
* The services are quick (they do a 15 minute treatment if you are in a rush!)
* The whole thing is not uncomfortable, even for scaredy cats like me
* The clinic is very relaxed and easy going, doesn’t feel stuffy at all
* Well – it works! Got rid of my stains and just made my teeth look much better and a deep clean in the mouth area is always, er, nice.
* Also it has made me care for my teeth a lot more – I have been more aware of keeping my teeth the way they are so I would say its good for general mouth and tooth health too.

Smilepod is located in Covent Garden, London I’d highly recommend you pop in the next time you’re down south! Their number is 020 836 6866, or you can email them – for more info.

Monday to Friday 9.00am – 7.00pm
Saturday 11.00am – 6.00pm

Cosmetic Candy Blog Rating – 5/5:

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  1. says

    Hahaha…. we don’t have anything like that over here. Shame.

    I have to say that I hate going to the dentist too. Hate it. Ugh. The last time, I came home with gums all over blood. (Did she have to jerk so hard?)

    • Row says

      Oh no! Abby I always end up bleeding too after the dentist, it seems to be the norm!!!

  2. says

    It should be mentioned that amalgams are toxic waste, and the doctor must use caution in removing them. Patients need to be informed.They should all be removed.

  3. liloo says

    i hate the dentist. so scared of it. in fact i have a phobia of it – but if i were in london, i think i would have liked to try that. and maybe view the whole dentist thing as a aesthetic treatment rather than a torture! xx