Lip Combo of the Day – stolen from Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has a big ass and impeccable make up.

post_image-kim-kardashian-vegas-magazine-2.jpg (JPEG Image, 300x400 pixels).jpg

In her make up video she uses MAC Angel Lipstick and Nars Turkish Delight lipgloss – a seemingly pale combo for someone with as dark skin and hair as Kim.

nars turkish delight and mac angel lipstick kim kardashain.jpg

How does look on a normal, also medium toned gal?

See after the jump!MAC Angel is described as a Frost Lipstick. I don’t think its that frosty at all (I HATE frost lipsticks). Its quite a soft baby pink, on my NC35 skintone, its pretty light but not unwearable to too stripperish.

On my lips:

mac angel lipstick.jpg

Nars Turkish Delight is disappointing on its own – too light for my skintone, too sheer, it made me look like I was able to grease up my thighs and gyrate against a middle aged bank manager.

The gloss on top of the lipstick:

nars turkish delight mac angel.jpg

Actually – I like it! I like it! Sure its pale, but not hideously (I ran out of stripper comparisons) so. Its like a bubblegum pink, it would work with a strong or at least defined eye.

On its own with no eye definition I would look like death. With a bit of smokey on the eyes, its great, a pretty and flattering combo.

The video:

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  1. says

    Im her coloring but the combo (and seperate products) wash me out a LOT! I look like a corpse!! Looks better on you than on her!

    • Row says

      Hey Tali

      I agree! Whats with girls with gorgeous, dark, warm complexions wearing deathly coloured lipsticks?

  2. Medina says

    hahaha! Her make up artist sounds like a drunk Elvis! P.S.: It’s a nice combo, much softer than “nude” nude lip and Angel as a base takes the weird “milkiness” of the Turkish Delight at bay.

  3. lydiana says

    Im sick of the small amount of ppl who think anything that isnt pork dark.

    • Row says

      Well if Kim Kardashain was in a lot of Western countries she would be considered dark or ‘darker’ skinned. She has dark features, dark hair, dark eyes, she is Armenian who are generally a dark featured race. I am Asian with Dark hair and in the UK people call me ‘medium’, in Asia they think I’m ‘dark’. Obviously there will always be people who are darker than me or Kim K but it’s all relative.

    • Sarah says

      Maai Lo, if you are in the states try high end department stores- Mac & Nars should have store locators. :)