Review: Cargo Eye Shimmer Kit – 6 Mini Pigment Set

More Cargo today!

Pigments stain fabrics. Fact. I don’t own any sheets that haven’t been sprinkled with the stuff. Pigment….glitter…..everywhere……

I picked up this set in the sale at my local Supermarket for about £7. I love mini sized everything, so this was ideal:

cargo eye shimmer collection.jpg

I bought the cream shadow version of this once from QVC but I didn’t like it so I sent it back. The beauty of being able to return cosmetics.

Want to see the swatches?
These pigments are tiny little things. It would take 3 to make the length of a biro. The colours are nice and varied – white, purple, brown, gold, brown-green, blue:

cargo eye shimmer.jpg

Once applied these are pigmented, shimmery, pretty and easy to blend.

There is a problem – and its a major problem. Fall out.

I am pretty good with fall out – I use a nice firm brush with a sticky base and tip my head slightly forward. But this product was a fall out nightmare.


cargo eye shimmer-1.jpg

For one thing, there’s no way – no way – you can pull the sponge tipped applicator (which is not mini) out of the tube without lots of product coming out. It comes out around the edges and you can’t really get it back in, so it goes on your clothes instead.

When you do apply it, there’s so much product loaded on it falls all over your cheeks. Tap it off, and the dust will fill the air. Its a lose-lose situation.

I have already removed these from my ‘in-a-rush-again’ make up bag because I can’t have a face like a disco ball all the time. Shame – the powders are fab but the packaging has been poorly executed.

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  1. says

    the colors are nice but too bad that if they like to fly in the air. I kinda have phobia that the flying shimmer will actually go into my eyes and cut my eye balls. =_=”