Speed Review: Home Hair Straightening with Dariya Venezel


At the very start of the year I tried out this home hair straightening kit from Dariya (a well known Japanese brand) Venezel.  They have a treatment for long and short hair- I got the long hair version. I had very very curly frizzy hair (I forgot to take a pre-treatment shot but basically I had a perm that never grew out).   The straightening treatment is not exactly straightforward…

Speed Reviews Alert!


Aloha! Ladies, I am still as busy as ever…however, I am putting aside some evenings to photograph some gorgeous new products I’ve been trying.  I also went through some photographs from January 2012 till now – and there are lots of odd products I never got round to reviewing (but I took photos of!).  Therefore I declare lots of…speed reviews! I’ll be balancing the little one on my chest and hopefully catching up with some […]

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