A gentle polish? Younique Aqmore Water Based Nail Polish Review!

For someone who isn’t that into nail polish I seem to have acquired quite a few!

Thing is I hate the bother of removing them – so the prospect of these Aqmore water based polishes.

Water based polishes are supposed to be gentle on the nails, plus they can be removed with warm water and peeled off! Score!

I chose a top coat and 2 pretty shades in lavender and pink:


The top coat is clear – there are some pretty flowers in the container but these do not add anything to the product! They’re just there for decorative reasons!

Using the polish is straightforward. You need to cleanse the nail but not use a base coat – apply the water based polish, letting each layer dry first, then add a top coat to seal it in. According the Aqmore, it takes a bit of time for our nails to get used to the water based formula (I certainly found that it was very uneven on my first application)…When it comes to removal, dip your fingers in warm water in 20-30 seconds – once it starts to peel away just pull it off.

Do not wear the polish for more than 2 weeks as it can dry the nail out excessively.

Differences between water based polish and regular polish:


I must admit I found using Aqmore polishes very straightforward, in that I could just slap on 2 coats and and top coat then forget about it. It’s similar to paint, it’s a little easier to handle than polish I find.

The finish is quite shiny too. I found that it did peel up quite easily the first few times I wore it – apparently painting over the edge of the nail helps to prevent this.



I definitely like the opacity of this polish. The smell reminds me of poster paint to – Mr C likes this as he passionately hates the smell of nail polish. I am indifferent either way but I guess it’s not to have that smelly solvent smell lingering.

Please excuse my dry cuticles. This is office lady – not as pigmented as Lavender which is a shame:


I did find that when I peeled these off my nails looked a bit dry – some nail oil fixed this but I guess regardless of whatever polish I use, my nails will aways be a bit dry.

They have some pretty gorgeous colours! A snippet of my favourites:




Overall I do like these polishes – they may not be for someone who is used to and loves traditional polish – but I like how easy peasy these are to remove and I like opaque, cute colours.

See the range here.

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  1. Inês says

    The colours are quite lovely, and could be a great solution for people who, like me, change nail polish colour almost daily. But is it me or the shipping is REALLY expensive for Europe on the site? 33€? Not nice :/

    • Row says

      Hi Ines

      Noooo that can’t be right. I have checked with the owner and he confirmed it is $13.90 for each colour and $5 international shipping!!!!!!!! OK! Let me know if you have any problems with that and it charges you more x

    • Row says

      Hi Isabel

      Well technicallyyyy the top coat is supposed to seal it in!

      But I was wondering this, I personally think this kind of polish can weaken quickly at the edges (or come lose should I say) so if you have a penchant for hot showers, yes I reckon it wouldn’t last that long. Oh but you are supposed to paint ‘over’ the edge

  2. Jen says

    These look pretty good, I’ve previously used a water-based polish called Suncoat before because I was looking for a more natural alternative (also ‘cos everyone else in my house hates the smell of polish so I’m banished to the conservatory, and it’s pretty cold out there in winter!), but I wasn’t impressed with the results! These ones look much better, and the choice of colour is also so much better! Do the polishes themselves actually come out that glossy, or is that the topcoat?

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      They are naturally glossy :) The top coat adds a bit more gloss. I guess this smell reminds me of paint! like Dulux!

  3. says

    I just wrote a review on these polishes, I was given Sakura, Heart of Ocean and a top coat.
    Too bad about the sheerness of Office Lady though, I was looking forward to it! :(

  4. says

    The lavender color is beautiful! I love the cute bottles and pretty colors. I am hoping to try these polishes soon.