Younique Nails, Aqmore Water Based Nail Polish Discount Code!


I did a review of Aqmore water based polishes a few weeks ago! They’ve got in touch to offer a discount code to those who are interested! You can get 10% off with the discount code row10. To clarify, international shipping is calculated by weight, $5 for 1st 500gm and $1.50 for every subsequent 100gm. Polishes average at $10 per colour. Visit the shop here – they do have quite a nice range of colours.

A gentle polish? Younique Aqmore Water Based Nail Polish Review!


For someone who isn’t that into nail polish I seem to have acquired quite a few! Thing is I hate the bother of removing them – so the prospect of these Aqmore water based polishes. Water based polishes are supposed to be gentle on the nails, plus they can be removed with warm water and peeled off! Score! I chose a top coat and 2 pretty shades in lavender and pink: The top coat is […]

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