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Hallo Ladies!

I hope you are all well. Since welcoming baby Harrison, I have been quite busy, catching up on bits and pieces when he sleeps and finally getting a chance to blog again.  I can’t wait to dig in and start playing with some of the lovely make up I’ve got!  

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Answer this question in the comments, making sure you leave your name and correct contact email.  My question is:

This year has been the most life changing year for me, and this month in particular, with becoming a mum has changed many things such as my goals, outlook and responsibilities in life.  What has been the most life changing event or time for you, so far in life and why?

This competition is open internationally but you must reply within 48 hours of being contacted with a mailing address too get the prize! I’ll pick a winner in approximately 14 days! 

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  1. kirsty says

    I think the most challenging time in my life was having to drop out of uni to llok after my mental health. it has been 2 years since then and I am still reeling from it. I am doing better mentally but it is an uphill battle trying to find a job with no qualifications and a history of mental health

  2. Sandy Ferguson says

    Moving with my new husband to a place to far to visit family often. It made me much more independent and encouraged me and hubby to focus on each other and to be there for the other. Now life is better than ever and, although im closer to home again, it means we have our own lives but I value being so close to those that I love!

  3. Amanda says


    Going to school full-time at a university and working retail part-time on the weekends has been extremely life-changing for me and has been tough to get adjusted to.

  4. says

    The most challenging time in my life was last January when I had my second ectopic pregnancy. Unlike the first pregnancy, which resolved itself, this one ruptured in my tube. I had to have my fallopian tube removed, nearly bled to death on the operating table and was in a seriously bad way mentally and physically afterwards. As ‘sob story’ as that is, at least I’m here to try again because so many women don’t make it through ectopic pregnancy, so that’s my positive. I don’t know if I believe in fate or not, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be a mum, but I know as long as hope exists, I’ll keep trying. What else can you do?!

  5. Alexis says

    The most challenging time in my life is this September. We have to pass our thesis output and documentation (we made a 3d animated film) 2 weeks ago. It was super duper stressful! But now, we are 90% done. We just need to have an editor check it. Fortunately, we passed our oral defense and I’m hopefully graduating next year!!! Yahooooo! :))

  6. Alison says

    Starting my first full time job! It was a shock only having 4 weeks holiday every year compared to being a student! X

  7. C. says

    The most challenging/life-changing experience of my life so far has to be, well…what’s going on right now. After suffering from depression, anxiety, anorexia and obsessive compulsive disorder for twelve years of my life (I’m 23), I’ve decided to take a big step and get some serious treatment. Of course, I have had treatment before (counselling, psychologist/psychiatrist apps, a brush with CBT – though none have been successful) but I have decided to go down the rehabilitation route and admit myself into hospital for a long-term period. I’ve been trapped and held back by my illnesses for so many years now and I’ve finally realised something, and it’s taken me such a long time to get to this point – that what I’m ‘living’ is no ‘life’ and I NEED to get better. I’m terrified and stressed out and worried by what I’m going to do, but I can’t go on like this anymore. Sorry that this is so melancholy, but I’m just being honest! And it’s 1.15am so my head is all over the place…

  8. Connie says

    The most life changing event in my life was delivering my children. In the beginning the thought of going through child birth filled me with trepidation and dread. I was very frightened by the physical pain other mothers have been through. But as the months went by I started to look forward to holding the bundle of joy in my arms and cuddle it because I can feel him growing and communicating with me in my womb. I began to look forward to the day when I can see my son physically and hug and hold him. The joy of meeting with him for the first time took away the pain of childbirth. I have gone through two pregnancies and would gladly do it again.

  9. says

    My most life changing event would be graduating from university. I’m still trying to find a job that I love and contemplating whether I should go to grad school.

  10. Alexandra says

    The life changing event for me was on the 29th of september 1994. I gave birth to my son,and cant believe that he will be 18 years old on saturday. Im a little sad as im never going to have any more children,would love more, but im so ill with my m.e its never going to happen.

  11. Chamcham says

    Moving out of my mother´s house and go study in Germany!
    I became really independent and that is priceless…

  12. Katherine says

    The most life changing thing for me this year was when my dad was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. It just changes your whole outlook on life and makes you think in a different way.

  13. Sarah MW says

    The most changing moment in my life was when my boyfried finally agreed to start a therapy to become sober. It was a really hard fight to get him to this point and now he managed to take this last step.

  14. says

    In life…there are so many life-changing things that happened to me but since u touched on what happened to you this year, I will do the same too…:)
    This year, I got attached to a man for the 1st time of my life. I know it might not be a big deal to many but it is quite special for me as a 19 year old lady getting her 1st boyfriend. 😉 The relationship has define me in many ways and I have gone through too many good and bad things, making bittersweet memories for the relationship.
    Furthermore, many things happen to those who are kin to dad got into a really BAD accident early this year and he got hospitalized for WEEKS, my uncle passed away and my aunt got a stroke and she is in the hospital now for a few weeks already. My boyfriend’s grandpa was really sick and he had an operation in the middle of this year,his cousin passed away,his mom got a breast infection and she is going for her hospital check up next week. My boyfriend himself has a leg injury and he needs to decide on when to carry out his leg operation.
    My studies are a load of stress and hell. I need to get decent grades to enter college next year!
    This year has been really tough on me. I’ve never thought that it would have been this way and I seriously need a break from life… -.-!
    P.S What a lovely giveaway. I hope that I could win that… Sorry for the lengthy post. 😛 Good luck to u and have a happy family. :)

  15. BeautyDaze says

    Last year was the most significant year of my life. I completed my third year and graduated from uni, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and successfully set up and chaired a charitable society. Leaving the comfort and bubble of university, and struggling to get my career going and get a ‘proper’ job I feel like I’ve grown up more than ever. I grew up so much last year and I learnt to appreciate how much your twenties really are about finding yourself as an individual and not just part of the crowd.

    Steph xx

  16. Cath says

    My life changing event was 9 years ago when we started building a house. It was a very stressful time but it also made us realise that you can live without material possessions. We sold our house and managed on very little money and finally moved into our dream house a year later. We hadn’t enough money to finish it but we moved in when it was watertight and have spent the last 8 years finishing the work. We have furnished it cheaply and saved up for things and it has really been a team effort and has made us stronger as a family