Underwear and more with Boux Avenue


[noskim]It’s nearly December, which means it’s time to seriously think about gifts – that’s if you haven’t started already! Now, Boux Avenue is quite a new discovery for me – it’s a ladies fashion store that specialises in lingerie, nightwear, swimwear and accessories, and there are both high street shops and an online website to purchase […]

*Updated* Japanese Beauty Magazine Egg’s & the Ganguro Look – Tasteless or Top?!


*updated – see video at the end* I bought some books and magazines from Yes Asia and had to make up the value to get free shipping. So I bought this interesting looking magazine called Egg’s Beauty…well it has beauty in the title, doesn’t it? I saw the cover before I bought it, I knew […]

Calling Big Boobed Girls…

I am always on the look out for affordable, well made, stylish, funky bras for women with big boobs – small backs (and they are hard to find). By big boobs, I mean above a G cup and by small back I mean 30-34 back, which is actually very hard to find – I have […]

A plea to Shu Uemura…..

One excellent thing MAC does is the Back to MAC program, which I am sure most of you know is when you can take 6 empty products back to MAC and you get to choose a free lippie or eyeshadow. Now I plead with Shu Uemura to do the same! I for one always take […]

Faveo Freedom Bra – Melon Holders

So I was browsing for (new) undey-wears on eBay and what do I find? The Faveo Freedom Bra! They look like cups but are made for ladies with big chi-chis. They bascially stick on and hold them up so that you can theoretically, wear strapless, backless clothes, even if you have gazungas. Video: You know […]

Random Haul: Manish Aurora Sunglasses


Not a beauty product but I though these sunglasses I got were extremely cute! Remember Manish Aurora and the MAC Collection! (I bought it, never used it…infact, where did I put it? D’oh!) Anyway, my eyes are getting worse the older I get…bright sunshine makes me dizzy so I got some new aviator style sunglasses! […]

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