Screw You! ASOS never fail to be crap! and eBay are Ok!

Dear Diary,

For some reason, I have written various Screw You! posts about online shopping clothes store As Seen On Screen or ASOS. I’ve shopped with them for a long time now, must be coming up to 7 years but they have disappointed me so much over the last few, in terms of quality, customer service etc. etc. etc.

But still I get suckered in – they sure do have a pretty (well not so easy to navigate now) website and pretty models wearing their clothes. Sometimes I just can’t help it.

Their quality is SO bad these days. I bought two black cardigans back in Feb, one from them at £35 and one from Primark at £6. One is already in the Charity bag and its not that latter.

So anyway, I bought a £90 leather jacket from them and lots of various bits and bobs when I was feeling flush. The items arrived on time but this jacket had a stain across the back. Not acceptable right? Got a returns slip and requested and exchange. I waited and I waited and I waited. Nothing. Eventually I emailed them to ask if they could look into it – expecting the standard answer but horror of horrors – they were actually ok! They said if I sent my postal receipt to them they would refund it right away. (They had messed about for so long the replacement I wanted was sold out by now).

When I get the refund amount it turns out that they had taken more than I expected. I had used a 10% discount code at the time of check out – it was offered to me with their magazine with no particular conditions I could see. I got £15.20 off the entire order. However even though I had returned only the jacket and one other £6 item they took the whole discount out of this.

I emailed and asked why – don’t you just take the discount off the items that were refunded?

Nope, came the reply. If you return the jacket that means you spent less than £120 so we’re taking back all of the discount.

Oh, I said. Nice that that was all made clear to me then, wasn’t it. Considering the fact that you are the ones who sent me a £90 jacket with a black oil slick on the back and you are the ones who can’t replace it because you took so long that you are now out of stock.

But this is ASOS. They don’t give a damn – the business of badly made clothes with holes under the arm pits and loose threads is big, ya know?

So I send this to ASOS:

bush_middle_finger.png (PNG Image, 320x240 pixels).jpg

Just when I thought they had improved their customer service they prove they are just as crap as ever. Must NOT shop with them again!

Bye Diary.

p.s. I emailed eBay about the stolen image and they actually removed it!!! And there I was thinking they were all sat behind their desks talking about robots as girlfriends and Stephen Hawking.

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  1. Jon says

    Your damm right there crap

    Got given £200 for christmas did two £100 orders Got a phone call from a member of there team the next day to confirm both orders by vouchers.

    Got both orders the day after however looked into my account and they had taken £100 from my bank account instead of taking the voucher value of £100

    There is £100 credit sat on my account which be easy if they simply move that back to my bank no ?

    So 14 emails later I have to send the whole order back at the cost of £2.95 the other £100 voucher wont be refunded either as they cant take back vouchers LOL

    NEVER ever will I be using ASOS again

    • Row says

      Hi Jon

      I still shop with ASOS its such a mixed bag. Sometimes they are great (they have been good for me in terms of refunds lately) but terrible at dispatching – the amount of times I have paid £6 for shipping and it doesnt come. The couriers fault? Maybe but then ASOS should be using better couriers.

  2. guest101 says

    March 2010 and ASOS are still crap!

    ASOS really does have poor customer service. I live in London and have had too many issues with ASOS.

    1. My delivery was late
    2. So I asked to cancel my order and get a refund BUT they completely ignored this and sent the goods to me anyway and charged me the item fee and the higher delivery charge
    3. They have no phone number advertised for customer to contact them
    4. The customer service people did not read my emails and sent back responses which did not resolve my issue
    5. They do not stick to their own policies – they are supposed to call customers if 2 email exchanges do not resolve the query. Well, 10 emails later I have no phone call
    6. No apology given for their late delivery or mistakes thereafter
    7. Excuses from the courier service ASOS use about the initial failed delivery have been 1. Nobody was home and 2. They couldn’t find the address. They tried the second excuse after they realised they could not show any evidence of the first when I was at home all day and evening waiting.

    ASOS really have been poor. And if you have a query with them it could be challenging finding a resolution. I have written to the offices and their chief exec. Hopefully a response will come – but I doubt it!

  3. PinkDay says

    I have shopped with ASOS, unfortunately, and the items are extremely bad quality, wearing off very quickly, looking like trash. Cheap, probably produced in China. I feel like my money has been wasted. Shame on you ASOS, and yes: screw you.

    • Row says

      Hi Pink Day

      I admit I am still a sucker and yes I do buy from there when they have massive discounts and stuff but yeah…bad bad bad quality, primark at best but at high prices. I mean I am wearing a dress from ASOS now but its a branded one (Villa?) and much better quality!