New Post: Printerpix Review – They are absolute rubbish, may include swearing


I’m guessing the title of this post gives away the direction this post is going in. But even so… Printerpix are a printing company (as the name might suggest) they a range of photo products like books, canvases, key rings etc.  They’re also forever doing Groupon deals and running special offers for 50% off and so on.  You know like DFS on a permanent sale?! My first experience with them was a while ago when […]

Rant of the Day: Connecta Baby Carrier Customer Service REVIEW!


Baby C is doesn’t like to be alone, at all, which means I have been trying to find a sling that I can use to carry him around the house whilst I get on with things.  I have tried a Baba sling, a Moby Wrap, and inherited a Chicco carrier and a Mama and Papas Carrier.   The Baba Sling is ok but I don’t like how his neck is squished up and it’s also […]

A story about some stupid eBay retailer called Buy For Less Online – A Review


Girls, it’s been a while since I’ve done a screw you post so here it is, completely unrelated to beauty but there you go. I purchased a toy (chocolate lolly maker) from these idiots called Buy For Less Online (catchy name) on eBay for my little cousin’s Birthday.  I won the item early and made sure there was a few days for the item to arrive in time for her party.   A few days […]

The New Selfridges Beauty Hall at Manchester Exchange Square: A Review or Lament


Selfridges is (was?) one of my favourite shops to amble through aimlessly after a hard day at work, and obviously my first love was the make up floor, which was at ground level, very handy, no trying to find the right lift (elevator) to take you down and back up again.  Second favourite department is food of course, especially the deli and their amazing queen olives. Anyhoo, for some reason Selfridges Manchester Exchange Square (which is in […]

Screw You! Hard To Find Records of Review – they suck


**UPDATE 05.05.2011: I have sent 2 emails both have been completely ignored. Have also called when they said the payment has been ‘authorised’ but yet nothing is showing. Quite frankly I don’t believe them. In my experience once I get a returns received email from a company the refund notice from Paypal arrives shortly afterwards. They say because they have a business account so a refund can arrive at ‘any time’ – well I have […]

Screw You! eBay and Paypal, the Beatrice and Eugenie of the internet


I’ve long defended eBay despite the many problems people tell me they have with them but the straw has broken the camels back (I am the camel). I mean, their fees are absolutely extortionate (you pay listing fees, final sale fees – the higher the value of the item you sell, the more it will cost you – then Paypal will take a cut of the money too). If you pay with Paypal and you […]

Screw You! eBay Seller themobileplus and an eBay Feedback Warning


You know I am a huge eBay fan and am always giving them my custom. Even after many, many purchases, sellers can still sometimes screw me over and I thought it was important to point out that Feedback is an important tool that you can use to leave HONEST remarks to help other eBayers decide whether to shop with a seller or not. I, for one, find overly aggressive sellers a real turn off – […]

Screw You No.4! Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get A Contract on Orange


My phone (a HTC hero) has given me nothing but grief over the 18 months I’ve had it – it’s been difficult to use but to be fair, being on Orange doesn’t help. It’s a patchy network – phone calls are always cutting off and I randomly get texts failing but I have been too lazy to change, instead faithfully paying my phone bills which vary from £40-£85 for the last seven years. Well enough […]

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