Bloom Lipgloss in Tangerine

I mentioned a few days ago that I was desperate for a vanilla scented gloss from Bloom – and it is mine! DSCN9472_s.JPG

I love the scent – it’s a warm vanilla very comforting.

The colour is a beautiful orangey peach. Is it a Autumn shade? Nah – but who cares! It’s lovely! I also really like the applicator head – its just round and there’s just something about it that is really nice to use – it traces the lips nicely.




This was £8. Ok, it’s not a huge amount for a gloss but it’s not cheap either. I wouldn’t necessarily go browsing on the bloom counter again since it’s expensive and Superdrug is somewhat skanky. However, credit where credit’s due, I noticed all the of Bloom glosses were sealed on both ends with some sellotape so that’s good.

I am watching The Guru with Mike Myers – Jessica Alba’s hair looks hot. Mike Myer’s prosthetic nose does not.

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