Advent Calendars – For Mama, Mr and Baby! Featuring Ciate, Jo Malone, Yankee, Ecoiffer and Hotel Chocolat


Let’s talk advent calendars. I used to have a phobia of them because I always  got the extremely cheap and nasty chocolate ones from the Poundshop and almost never bothered eating the chocolate. Anyway, this year I have a few advent calendars on my wall. I am hoping this will become a nice family tradition!  […]

Classic Products Reviewed: Guerlain Divinora Liquid Eyeliner

I adore liquid eyeliners although my favourite form is the refillabe felt tip type (because with the refillable ones, I can pump more product into the brush if I want to.) I’m always open to trying new things though and paid £20.50 for this Guerlain Divinora Liquid Liner a few months back: Pretty bottle? Check. […]

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