Classic Products Reviewed: Guerlain Divinora Liquid Eyeliner

I adore liquid eyeliners although my favourite form is the refillabe felt tip type (because with the refillable ones, I can pump more product into the brush if I want to.)

I’m always open to trying new things though and paid £20.50 for this Guerlain Divinora Liquid Liner a few months back:

guerlain divonria eye liner.jpg

Pretty bottle? Check. Inky black liner? Check. Frosted Glass? Check.

Read more the see the brush!

This is more of a traditional type applicator which I am ok at using these days, but was awful at years ago.

The brushes on these things need to be tapered for a fine line, but they also need to not fray in any way shape or form – they need to be firm but not too firm, soft but not too floppy.

It needs to pick up the right amount of product, and not overload the eye with liner. Fussy moi? Yes.


guerlain divonira eyeliner.jpg

In terms of the liner itself, it is a little on the thick, gloopy side which means it takes a few moments to dry (Asian eyes need to keep those peepers shut or it will be smudge city) but its not bad texture and it certainly gives a very true, jet black line which is excellent.

I hate black liquid liners that give off an ashy grey – ugh, not acceptable. A black liner should be a true, opaque jet black. This one is highly pigmented.

guerlain eyeliner.jpg

And yet, I am not entirely won over. I guess for a thick, really lush almost wet look black liquid liner this would be wonderful but I like a bit more control in my applicator (which is why I like felt tip type liners the most). The line is not thin enough for it to be my everyday product.

It also takes too long to dry on me, and when I have had the misfortune to blink at the wrong time, it stings my eye and goes everywhere. Then I have red eyes and black cheeks.

Overall: 3/5. It’s alright really but in light of modern, erm, make up technology, it’s like a dated tea cosy amongst a rack of USB heated coasters.

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  1. Medina says

    Hi Row,

    It’s a very good review and just like you I was totally seduced by the bottle.
    I do love it for pigmentation and the fact that it doesn’t flake off like a lot of gel liners do. But I’m a little bit on the fence about the glossy look, time it takes to dry and packaging can be a real bastard (excuse my French). It lasts ages and as you said it’s not an everyday product so you can’t help but hanging to it for a while. I had mine for 2 years and like a dumbo stored it not standing upright it leaked a little and I couldn’t get the bottle open without soaking it in hot water for ages and even then still catches. On the whole, I like it especially compared with Chanel and Lancome versions which don’t have the same colour pay off and distribute colour unevenly. It’s one of those products I needed to invest some time into getting used to to use if you know what I mean. But you have to agree there’s something undeniably “old-school glamour” about using liquid liner with a traditional brush, it makes you take your time getting ready… Very decadent! 😉