Sunscreen Special Day 3: Skinmedica Environmental Defense Sunscreen SPF 30

When I first got this Sunscreen in the post, I didn’t rush to open it – didn’t look very exciting, I sort of forgot about it for a while.

Skinmedica’s Environmental Defense Sunscreen SPF 30
is apparently excellent for mature skins and especially good if you need a SPF post surgical procedure. This doesn’t apply to me *touch wood* at the moment, but it didn’t stop me from giving it a test run.


Even though this is a cream texture, it needs a shake before use. It has no fragrance (good).

For £30 you get 85g (how much is that in ML? I don’t know but its a generous sized tube).


Like I said, its not the most exciting looking product and after using the luxury of La Mer and the funky Green Coffee SPF, I wasn’t too bothered about this product.

But wow – what a fantastic sunscreen:
For one thing its a cream which I do prefer for a sunscreen (but I also don’t want it to look greasy – yeah I want everything).

This Sunscreen from Skinmedica sinks in like a DREAM.

I swear, I remember going on a beach holiday (a long time ago!) and rubbing this oily, white crap all over my legs, giving up and just walking around like person who has no idea how to rub cream into their skin. A baby, basically.

Not so with Skinmedica. This sinks in like a DREAM, it takes seconds to disappear into the skin with absolutely no residue or whitish cast.


Ta da!

Face or Body is fine, I would use this anywhere to be honest. Its a big-ish tube though so its not necessarily the first one I’d carry around with me.



Texture: 5/5

Finish: 5/5

Protection: 4/5

Price: 3/5

Overall: I can’t deny the fact that in the dull grey tube lies a quiet but brilliant sunscreen which high protection and is essentially invisible when applied, not disturbing anything else on my face.

At £30 its not that cheap, but there is a fair amount in there to last all summer. Its also fragrance free which is egg-cellent.

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  1. says

    Super excited about this, and for once the tight cow which sleeps and breathes in me is not put off by the price. Super super super super excited about this that I retweet instantly (Thanks by the way to Mr C and his associate cats for the nifty RT button, not got the chance to thank him properly. I love the packaging, men could also use it. The tube is not dull grey to me, it’s sci fi sleek & modern grey to me. love it.

  2. Saltedswirl says

    I wish I can buy it in my city ))) Unfortunately – not…
    Super excited about that nice texture!