How I feel after watching Game of Thrones, Episode 9…

I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen it.  I just wanted to express how I feel.  ** SEMI SPOILERS ** ** BEAR IN MIND I HAVE ONLY WATCHED THE SHOWS AND READ WIKIPEDIA ** This Episode is another reason why the Starks, as good as they are, drive me nuts with […]

Beauty Bloggers Computer Accidents and My Dream Laptop!


This weekend I was trying to remove my caviar nails…as I’ve only just moved I had no idea where my regular nail polish remover was but I did find some pure Acetone.  Stupidly, I was leaning on my laptop and blogging whilst removing polish…big mistake. The Acetone reacted with the plastic of my Macbook and […]

Philadelphia Chocolate: Yak or Yum?


Mr C has done a good job of keeping me fed lately since I’ve had weird food cravings, and last night he picked up some Philadelphia Cadbury’s Chocolate Spread for me. In my head this totally works. Philadelphia is a neutral enough cheese to have with savoury or sweet topping so why shouldn’t chocolate work […]

My London Weekend and Haulage!


Hallo ladies! Last week I spent a few days in London for business and pleasure. Everytime I go, time flies by and I never actually get round to any sight seeing. This time for the sake of “adventure” me and Mr Candy took the Bus which was a 4.5 hour journey. Never again. I never […]

Useful Find of the Day: Baby Safety Cotton Buds


So I was in the baby section of Boots the other day (don’t ask….) and I spotted these cute ear buds (or Q-tips!) made for delicate babies ears: I know, these have been around for ages and I am sure you mummies will be familiar, but I couldn’t help but be fascinated by them. Poking […]

You guys are funny…


Mr Candy was looking through the blog and checking things, as he does when he started chuckling away to himself. What was he laughing at? Why the comments on this post! You guys are a funny, entertaining bunch!

Guess What It Is: Blue Plastic Grills (Hard Quiz!)


Ok – so if you guessed in the last Guessing Game you will want to know the answer – quite easy really ladies! Its just a Home Face Mask Making Kit! Its good for powder masks that need to be mixed with liquids and anythign generally too messy. Can you just use a normal bowl? […]

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