Guessing Game: It’s not for opening cans…

One more guessing game for you this week, then I will reveal to you the answers from the last three quizzes!

Today I have this rather loopy product:


It’s surprisingly useful when once needs precision!

Can you guess what it is?

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  1. electronicfly says

    it’s an eyeliner guide! Seen it around the e-market, though i wonder, does it really work? I’m skeptical =/

  2. layla says

    everyone’s guessing eye related things! :) i guess thats what it is, but my initial thought was a tool i used to use back when in my school days to put your hair into a pony and then to split it and put the pony through the split (if that makes sense to anyone.. lol)

  3. Holly Green says

    I agree with Layla, it looks just like one of those hair things! I think I’d be a bit frightened to use it on my eyes, it looks a bit medieval, haha.