Mini Chanel Haul: Rouge Allure Insolente & Delicieuse & Pink Pulsion Glossimer Lip Gloss

This is what happens when you wander round Boots during an idle lunch break – shopping!

Can you imagine in Boots stocked Nars? Or Guerlain? or Bobbi Brown?

I’ll have a lipstick with my Turkey Sandwich, please.

I’ve realised that I have a thing for lip products; lipstick and lip gloss and lip balm. Actually I have a thing for a long of things…but there’s no better pick me up than a new lippie.

I bought 3 new items, two Rouge Allures and a Levres Scintillantes Brilliant Extreme (mouthful!) lip gloss in Pink Pulsion.


I’ve realised that Rouge Coco, as nice as it is, is not my favourite Chanel lipstick formula. Rouge Allure is. Rouge Allure colours never look that special to me in the tube, but when you put it on – gorgeous!

Otherwise I love the Levres Scintillantes lip glosses – best sparkly lip glosses on the market but Aqualumiere’s are my favourites. Highly underrated. I digress.

The lipsticks – Insolente is from the current winter 2010 collection and is a beautiful hot pink, and Delicieuse is a gold peach which the 10 year old helped me choose – it’s my Gloria from Modern Family lip colour:


Pink Pulsion is apparently limited edition:#alttext#

It’s a super hot pink with tons of sparkle. See the other 2 glosses from this collection here.

When I swatched them on my hand, all the colours looked pretty. But I’d say nothing special. I mean, to look at in the tube, it was decidedly meh. But honestly, these go on your lips and BAM! Some magic happens:


Pink Pulsion on it’s own is not that bright, and there is a faint hint of multi sparkle which can be only appreciated in certain light. I recommend street light (really) – I mean, don’t go out in the middle of the night and hang out under a street lamp – people will get the wrong idea – but if you’re in the car at night* check out your lips in the mirror.

So twinklyyyy.

*Obviously as a passenger


I have to say though, these ‘brilliant extreme’ lip glosses seem to have a clearer base than some of the other Chanel glosses I’ve tried which are more pigmented AND sparkly. These are more sparkle than pigmented.

I think I’d prefer more pigment in the gloss, ideally.

Delicieuse is a gold peach colour, a tiny hint of bronze – brown. It’s very natural on me, but gives the lips a nice volume-plump-healthy look.


Insolente is a hot pink – in the tube – but it’s highly wearable without being overly sheer. It does look like a hot pink but totally chic, not dollybird at all.

On the lips:


Rouge Allure lipsticks have a great texture; not as creamy as Rouge Volupte or Guerlain Rouge G, yet there’s still something about ‘it’, even though it has a slightly waxy feel. It’s almost like a controlled dosage, so you won’t apply too much.

Insolente and Pink Pulsion on top – gives it that extra shine, extra edge and it’s a lot funkier but still wearable:


This lipstick makes my lips look plump and quite healthy and it’s not drying or gunky either.

It is however VERY expensive. I think the Rouge Allure’s were £22.50 and the gloss was £19 which is rather eye watering at checkout time. But it’s an investment goddammit. An investment. All I will say is choose a shade you will love and wear often!

You can buy Chanel Rouge Allure & the glosses on any Chanel Counter.

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  1. xKyu501x says

    I want Delicieuse! Buy it for me as a Christmas present will you? Lol JK, Haha. Delicieuse Is a really really nice shade! does it look something like NYX’s Pumpkin Pie? :)