Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact Rouge G in 01 Guerlinade Review

I recently got a card sampler of some Guerlain Rouge G Lipsticks – here are the swatches:



Galia (my favourite) and Ginger.

I had to go and buy a full sized one to try out after this success!


The lipstick is expensive (I can’t remember how much, I think it was £25). It comes in heavy duty, luxurious packaging which has sexy curves, and pops open to reveal a mirror inside.


I chose a nude shade because I know I had to pick something I could wear regularly. I went for 01 Guerlinade after much umming and ahhing. It looked like a nude beige with a hint of orange.
The lipstick:


As mentioned before, the texture of this lipstick is divine – it’s just stunning, it’s less in your face that YSL Rouge Volupte but it’s still creamy goodness.

The packaging – I could live without. Quite frankly, it’s heavy and cumbersome. Yes, it clicks open to reveal a mirror – very space age, but I don’t really need it – I’d prefer something smaller and slicker to be honest.

My mum would like this. She still whips out her lipstick to apply at the dinner table! But me personally, it’s not my style.

On the lips:


I don’t like this as much as Galia (which the SA told me I shouldn’t buy because it would make me look like ‘death’). Gah.

Anyway, do you have this lipstick? Would you splash out on a special lipstick?

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  1. says

    Ooooh, I want :(
    The new car budget doesn’t make allowances for £25 lipsticks though.
    I’ll have to stick with MUA for the time being!

  2. lazeny says

    Oh I just came across your blog and saw this. I LOVE Rouge G’s and I have so many of them. I know it’s expensive but I haven’t tried anything else that’s quite like it. And it just so happens that my favorite shade and HG nude is 01 Guerlinade. It works so well w/ my skin tone and covers my very pigmented lips AND it stays put for about 5-6 hours on me, even if I eat. The packaging is hefty though, it can take much space on my purse.

    • Row says

      Hi Lazeny

      Yeah I don’t think I will buy another one in a rush because it’s too bulky! but what a stunning lipstick x