Christmas Gift Idea: Barry M Eye Candy Kit

I was intended to give this cute little Barry M Set from Superdrug to my cousin (aged 15 and totally into make up at the moment) but then I realised, as she used the ‘yeah-wotever’ line on me again, she was an ungrateful little brat so decided to try it out myself instead.

That is my punishment style.

(Its ok baby! I’m going out to get you another one, ok? Don’t me mad with me!)

This set is £7.95 and consists of a glitter and a fixing gel:

eye candy kit barry m.jpg

I’ve been looking for a good fixing gel for glitters for a while. Primers like UDPP aren’t sticky enough, but using a clear gloss I find is too sticky – when I did it I was pulling out remnants of glitter for the next 2 weeks.

barry m sparkle eye kit.jpg

It comes in a silver and purple set.

Verdict is, I like this eye fixer. Its like a clear gloss but not quite as sticky but sticky enough. It does the job its designed for basically and I’ll be trying this out with normal pigments too, to see how well it does.

The thing is though – can you really get an elegant eye with a pot full of randy silver micro sparkle glitter? Really? Won’t people point and laugh?

Well here’s how I wore it:

barry m sparkle-1.jpg

Simple and sweet, just on the lid with a bit of mascara. In good light its really sparkly.

Barry m sparkle.jpg

Yeah you could do this with other pigments but its quite a nice little no brainer starter set. Good for teens as a xmas gift but actually good for grown ups too! I would buy it again just for the fixing gel.


barry m -1.jpg

Remember! Use eye safe glitter not the stuff from your craft store (I have sensitive eyes and know the hazards of thinking your site is bionic – it isn’t. Practise safe-sight!)

You can buy it from Superdrug and some Boots stores as well as online here.

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