Mission Fish – raising money on eBay

I was buying some random bits from eBay today when I noticed at the point of paying that there was an option for me to donate some money to a charity – added at the cart stage.  It was only $1 so I thought why not?

Investigating further, I found that there’s a website called Mission Fish (in the US and UK) that is a non profit making organisation using eBay to raise money. What a great idea!

There are various ways you can raise money.

One is to donate a portion of your sales to charity – that portion is then collected by Mission Fish then passed on to the charity. You can also list an item and give the whole proceeds to charity (it will get a special listing status – I think it is highlighted and you avoid certain fees). I liked the way the seller raised money on the auction I used – it was just a simple checkbox and it was only $1 – if there were a choice of the amount I would have given a bit more.*

There’s an option to search for a charity too – I thought that was a nice touch, and there are hundreds and hundreds of charities listed. I think it would be cool to pick out a lesser heard of charity.

I hate selling on eBay these days but I have some things I need to get rid of and I think donating the proceeds to a good cause may be the way forward. Its about time those blood sucking fools at eBay did something useful – I am hoping that Paypal don’t take their percentage for monies that is passed on the charities? I’ll have to check.

* The charity I donated to was the Blind Cat Rescue. Visit the site – its great what they are doing. I am thinking of sponsoring a kitty, I think its $30 USD a month which is like what, a Nars lippie?

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