Screw You! Office Shoes

Office Shoes makes – er, shoes, medium to high price range (well, it is the credit crunch). Occasionally the have some real monstrosities, demonstrated here:

Office Shoes - High Heels for her - Office - PHISH FOR COMPLIMENTS SILVER SUEDE.jpg
Office Shoes - Flats for her - Office - TOMBOLA SLIP ON PARROT PRINT.jpg
Office Shoes - Flats for her - Office - ANTIGUA FLAT ESPADRILLE 2 FLAMINGO CANVAS.jpg

*If you own any of these shoes, don’t send me hate mail, just because you like wacky footware.

Anyway –

I have had problems with Office online before. They normally have the sale shoes on there, and in the past I have made an order with them, waiting 12 days, go in touch and they have casually told me over the phone (not by email, they don’t do email replies), that “None of the (seven) shoes you ordered were in stock so the order was cancelled”

Wow! Thanks for letting me know!

And you know how if you buy something with your card, they may not charge it untill the order is dispatched, but they can put a hold on a certain amount of credit (so this is frozen and technically you can’t use it) – they did that to my card! Excellent! Unless they cancel this transaction it takes a few weeks for it to drop off eventually.

I made another order this week for some sale items. Everything seemed in stock so I waited for a confirmation email, everything seemed fine.

By the end of the day I logged into my account to see if there was any progress and I got this:



So I sent a little email off just to see if things were ok with the order. I got an email back stating that

– The order was not ok. I needed to call their helpline to confirm my address.

I don’t know why they couldn’t get in touch with me and not the other way round, especially as I am not psychic. You know how most companies will drop you an email of something is missing in the payment info – oh wait – that’s companies that WANT your business.

So anyway I rang them and everything was ok according to the SA on the phone.

Still not convinced today, since the status is still N/A (this is supposed to have tracking info eventually for christ sake) I dropped them another email to check everything was in stock and in order.

I got:

RE_ Order 517882 - Inbox - _Yahoo! Mail_.jpg

What does that mean? What does it actually mean? It doesn’t actually tell me anything it’s just JARGON.

Unhappy I asked the same thing again (presumably I am on a hate list now) and got this, slightly more detailed but also irritating answer:

RE_ Order 517882 - Inbox - _Yahoo! Mail_-1.jpg


Point 1 – They are trying to allocate stock? If it wasn’t in stock why was it being sold (and still is marked as in stock on the website) ?

Point 2 – ‘If/when’ business. Screw off! I have MADE an order, I have GIVEN you my card details in GOOD FAITH. You have to right to take payment information from me and sell things you don’t/might/maybe have in stock.

Point 3 – ‘Our terms and conditions advise to allow up to 10 working days for delivery’ – I am aware of this genius, and I am not rushing you I am asking for an update of the situation seeing as you seem to reply of customer’s psychic abilites to fulfil orders. Also, the fact you have my card details at ransom and you may/may not be charging me for an order you may/may not have is hardly acceptable for such a big company.

And look at this generous offer! Spend £125 and get free shipping worth £3.50! Wow! Just wow!

Office shoes - High Heels for her.jpg

Still annoyed, will update as to whether these shoes will ever get to me. You know, a lot of their stock was at £60-£70 has been dropped to £10 in the sales – which begs the question, just HOW much is the mark up?

Either way, this is the last time I play with office.

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  1. says

    Geez, I had a similar problem with Topshop. They cancelled my order without even telling me. I swear, there’s no such thing as customer service anymore.

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      Topshop did that to me once as well! They didnt bother to contact me to say, can you clarify your info?no they just went ahgead and cancelled it – like they are doing ME the favour!

  2. Elizabeth says

    You poor thing! You always seem to get battered by customer service! Office is hit and miss, dependent on the chav population around the shop which means I only ever go to covent garden – though less chav more drag queens and kooky art students which again can be a bit hit and miss…

    • Row says

      Hey Elizabeth

      I agree its hit and miss, I guess it appeals to a real broad population!!!! So far my status stands at N/A so I don’t hold much hope – I just dont want them to randomly start charging me for things :o/

  3. laureen says

    I ordered a pair of sale shoes with office last week. I thought it was a bargain until they turned up.Two completly different shoes. The shoes were purple so 2 differnt shades of purple not a good look. One fo the shoes was scracted as well. I sent this back. I wasnt aware that sale meant 2nd hand shoes!!! BEWARE

    • Row says

      Hi Laureen

      they dont seem to give a damn when it comes to sale stock and sale customers. I understand that they are heavily discounted but if you don’t even have the items in stock in the first place or you cant donate them in a decent condition, then you shouldn’t be selling them – give them to charity instead, not your customers!

  4. Bev says

    Hi Row,

    I totally agree! I know this is an ancient article, but thought I would echo your sentiments! They refused to give me a refund even though they sold me a display shoe that was all damaged! I should have asked to try them on and to check but I was in a rush and thought if one fitted then they’ll be fine. The girl even said ‘Here’s a fresh pair for you’. Thanks Love! So I ended up getting a gift card and the sooner I use it the better because I’m so disappointed in their standard of service and quality of shoes. Plus I asked today what all the red stickers on some of the shoes meant (hoping that the sale might be starting at any moment!) but the girl was snappy the alligator! And barked at me saying that it was for stock control. Booo to her!

  5. Jax says

    Another reply to an old article but still, thought I’d give details of my experience with the wonderful Office customer service!

    I made an order for 4 pairs of sale shoes recently, the first parcel (luckily containing the most expensive pair of shoes) arrived, a few days later I received an email saying the remaining 3 pairs of shoes had been dispatched and providing a tracking number. Imagine my surprise when I checked the tracking number to be told that I had already received and signed for the shoes – despite the fact that I had been home all day and nobody had knocked my door! Well, a month later and numerous phone calls and emails, I’m still no closer to receiving either the shoes or a refund, despite having received wonderful advice from office such as:

    We have now spoken to the courier who have interviewed their driver. He says that a young white woman on the first floor signed for the shoes, and that she had a white door. I hope this helps you to find your shoes.

    Well, considering that the details provided by the driver do not match the inside of my building, then no they don’t, but thanks office for giving me such wonderfully detailed advice and telling me to go and find my shoes! I do appreciate you turning my order into a treasure hunt, what fun! Anyway, I obviously replied to office to inform them that the details don’t fit (nearly 2 weeks ago now) and they keep promising to return my call once they have spoken to the courier. I’m going to threaten them with a further action next time I speak to them!