Sula Fragrance Oils & Lipstick Queen Lip Shines

Made another little haul today (even though I didn’t mean to). I went to Space Nk, who you should know I am not a fan of but they had a sale table.

The sale table in Space NK is usually a disgrace – old products that are leaking, covered in dirty finger marks, torn boxes, leaking lids and dented bottles – today was no exception.

However – I did salvage 2 goodies from the mess.


I have been looking for a fan brush for a while (was looking at Shu ones) just because you are supposed to be able to get a finer finish with your powder. Voila! Space NK’s was only £3 and is lovely and, er, bushy:




I also picked up a Lipstick Queen Shine lip gloss set (reduced from £20 to £15 – not that good a discount!). I thought it was a stacker set but it’s actually 4 individual glosses in smallish pots. These glosses have a fine shimmer and come in a gold and silver shimmer, a pink and a red. I haven’t tested them properly yet but they are very sticky:


The texture is not the solid thick kind – its like a fairly sticky balm/gel texture. If you hate sticky glosses you won’t like this – I personally do because it stays put for longer…

Finally I picked up this fragrance oil by Sula:


I was intrigued by the pretty bottle. They cost £15 and have a lovely easy to rub in oily texture and it comes out of the rollerball easily (I hate rollerballs that you really need to work to get product out – stingy rollerballs I call them).

Here’s the whole range:

Eau de Parfum | Sula Beauty.jpg

Butterfly kiss was nice too, and Vanilla and Citrus. I chose Champange Sugar though and it is GORGEOUS. So nice (I swabbed them all on the boyfs hairy arm to test). It’s been about 8 hours now and the scent (although a fragrance oil) still smells strong (in a nice way) on my arm. I want moreeeee!!!!!! morrreeeee!


Perfect gift for people you know who smell.

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