Blog Sale Update!

Hey Ladies,

Thanks for all who made and purchase and paid up! I am just waiting for a few more so thanks for all being very co-operative!

There are bits and pieces left, take a look here.

I am annoyed at myself by getting excited and making a 20 product haul at Adambeauty upon seeing ‘funds’ in my Paypal account! Argh! First splurge of 2010….if I stop splurging for the rest of the year, then it’ll be fine.*

(Technically, February 14th 2010 is Chinese New Year and I am claiming it…oh yes)…

Anyway for blog sale buyers…

cat and parcel.jpg

I have run out of bubble wrap and have no sweeties – I have been told strictly, by Oxford Jasmine that I must get some sweeties (no Liquorice) to put in the parcels so I forsee posting on Wednesday, at the latest, so that everything is correctly wrapped and packaged. Do let me know when you get it, as post can be dodgy!

Happy Monday (I think!) x

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  1. crissy k says

    Awesome I’m so excited! Lol,you naughty girl splurging away. I did so too. These darn sales :(