Confession Time: Beauty Can’t Do

I was cutting my nails the other day and the tween asks me why I don’t file them. She then pulls out a hideous glittery stick and wafts it in my face and all it reminds me of is the tongue depresser.


Because girls, there’s something I can’t do. Have tried a few times but I just don’t get it.

Filing Nails.

My mother always clipped them for me as a kid. As an adult thats all I do – my nails grow extremely quickly so it doesn’t bother me to lop a good amount off each time. I also end up with a smooth edge. I can still shape them.

I can’t stand filing.

The feeling of it goes through me as does the sound.

That see-sawing action.


That’s my confession. But tell me –

What is your beauty can’t do?

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  1. says

    anything to do with cuticles! ive heard your supposed to cut them, push them back and all manner of things but I have never touched my cuticles in my whole life =0/


    • Row says

      Hi Nooberella

      Whenever I’ve had my cuticles pushed back it hurts and my nails grow back manky. Dont like it!

  2. liloo says

    I dont like the sound of the filing, but I dont mind it on me, cos i go super slowly and it does not ‘shriek shriek’ but if if there is one sound i dont like is the nail clipping sound. I might actually prefer the sound of the chalk on a blackboard. My beauty can’t does:
    – putting blush on cheeks properly (always look like a clown)
    – applying dark nail polish on fingernails,
    – theatrical concealing of eyebrows,
    – neutral day wear make up (with me, it’s either noting or full on drag)
    – blowdrying my hair myself like at the salon (i’d love to do courses on that and get a certificate ^_^ and stuff)
    – french manicure with the white tips and so on
    – trimming my own fringe
    I am a walking inadequacy :S

  3. says

    I can’t file my nails either! My flatmate does it and I really don’t get it – for some reason it really hurts me to do it, I think it’s the vibration but it’s not pleasant AT ALL! I clip my nails and that’s it, occasionally I buff them with one of those 4 way buffers but I cannot stand to file them.

    My beauty can’t do is mineral makeup, or buffing in makeup. It hurts my face for some reason! I just don’t get how I’m supposed to buff it in – how do you know when it’s buffed in?!? ARGH!

    • Row says

      Hi Mhairi

      Well, my cousin who is 14 offered to do my nails for me, she grabs my nail and starts sawing it with a file….soon…all GONE. She had mindlessly filed it all down the brat!

      As for mineral make up – I am learning to like it. I still think it looks cakey if you ask me.

  4. says

    Curling my lashes. It’s even hard for me to watch someone do it. I swear its like they are pinching their eyelids. Thankfully, up until last week, I have never felt the need to curl my lashes as they are pretty long and curled naturally. But I realized recently after a night of sleep, in the AM some of my lashes point downwards towards my eyes and would take a few hours just to fluff back up; so I went to Sephora and bought a Shu Uemura and told myself ‘I can do this!

    I returned it the next day. Somehow I managed to pinch my eyelids, and I also felt the hinge scraping against my skin when I would squeeze it. TRIPPED ME OUT! Sorry I don’t want that thing near my eyes and don’t know how women do it! I’m convinced its my idiocy though, but never again….

    PS: Oh and how could I forget! Acrylic nails. I treated myself for the 1st (& last) time when I was in FL for vacation in October last year. I figured, what the heck, try something once. They where so awkward (and they were super short too!) and it hurt like hell for days (very sore and ‘tight’ feeling). And I’ll never forget the unconventional way they came off. I allowed my little sister (the acrylic nail queen) to take then off by sliding a thin card between any gaps. PAINFUL! Took my real nails with it! It took several weeks for my real nail to grow out and cover my naked nail beds!

    • Row says

      Hi Shadow

      I wouldn’t even go near acrylic nails. Bleh. Have u seen the germs that grow underneath them? truly disgusting.

      Lash curlers to this day I have to be careful with – pinching the skin around the eyes is no joke! find one that fits though and its a dream! I love Nars eye lash curler!

  5. says

    I can’t do anything with my hair. No matter what I do, my hair will refuse to cooperate.

    Definitely can’t apply nailpolish without getting it all over my fingers. At least with that one I just take a bath later, and strip the polish off my skin.

    • Row says

      Hi Kaoru

      Me too! I am rubbish with my hair its just messy most days so I pretend its supposed to be like that!

      As for nail polish – if I get a small smudge then they all have to come off!

  6. dana says

    I cannot wear heels, they are painful ive tired walking in them and i look like a penguin and im very bad at styling my hair it doesn’t like staying straight or keep a curl hmm…

    • Row says

      Hi Dana

      I think heels look stunning but I am a complete fail at walking in them too!

  7. says

    I can hardly to my brows and sometimes my lashes. Haha~ I just suck at fixing them up. Nail-filing is also a no-no for me. I get goosebumps when I have to nail file (because there are times when my nails would pull threads or scratch stuff). But when I was able to afford an almost-monthly visit at the parlor for manicure and pedicure, I got used to the filing. 😛