Nail Swatches! Pop Beauty Nail Glam Ultra Violet, Mint Magic and Pink Popsicle

Spotted! Were these super cute nail polishes on ASOS. I forget how much I paid for them, less that £10 I think for a set of 3.  ASOS has some good deals for POP goodies, they do some value bundles.

There are 3 pretty pastel but not boring shades in this set – Ultra Violet, Mint Magic and Pink Popsicle. 

POP Beauty Nail Glam Polish 1

I like POP nail polishes I find the last ok and are an easy texture to use.  I painted Ultra Violet on my toes lazily with no top or base coat and it’s still there, 4 weeks later – just my little toe is chipped. 

Swatches – on the nail this has a slightly matte finish!  Weird but I like it…

POP Nail Glam Polish

I love all of these colours I really do! Especially Mint mixed with the Pink (nails alternating I mean not actually mixed together). 

What do you think of these colours?!

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