Speed Review: Schwarzkopf Professional SEAH HAIRSPA Black Pearl Wrap Shampoo & Conditioner Review

A few months ago I passed on this Schwarzkopf Shampoo & Conditioner from the SEAH Hairspa Black Pearl range, developed for mature hair. It comes in super luxurious packaging, and restores moisture levels in dry and brittle hair with a weightless formula.

My mum is no good at writing reviews! So I basically asked her 5 questions over the phone…


1. What did you think of the packaging?

Yes I liked it. It’s heavy isn’t it. But I like it, much nicer than Head & Shoulders. It will look better if I have someone visiting.

2. What did you think of the Shampoo?

It was nice – it smells nice and I only needed to use a little bit. It’s a light grey colour, it smells quite good too. I think it made my hair feel quite soft and moisturised especially since I had just dyed it at home.

3. What did you think of the Conditioner?

This was very nice. I used less than with my normal conditioner and it I managed to comb my hair easily afterwards. I think it seemed to help my colour stay bright too.

4. Is there anything you didn’t like?

Nothing really – it was much better than my normal shampoo & conditioner – I use Head & Shoulders, or Herbal Essences.

5. Would you buy these in the future?

It costs more than my normal shampoo and conditioner though, but it lasted for a long time so yes I would buy it again as long as it’s not £20 or something. Is it £20?

You can buy the shampoo from various locations, one of them is Feel Unique – the Shampoo is £9.60 and £12.30 for the conditioner (I think the prices are lower than retail on Feel Unique).

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