Whiter teeth with Listerine Advanced White Review


Who doesn’t want whiter teeth, right? I for one as a dedicated coffee and tea drinker have stained teeth. I use sensitive toothpaste rather than whitening so I give my teeth an occasional whiten with a kit – it makes a big difference although I don’t do it that regularly.  So the Listerine Advanced White […]

Caudalie Rose de Vigne Fragrance Review


Ever since I went to The Perfume Society’s smelling class (that’s what I’ll call it) I’ve had a real appreciation for fragrance that I’ve never had before.  As I get older my tastes in scent have changed – there is a part of me that likes those dark, smokey leathery scents there there is that part of […]

Lip Stick Love! Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow Lipstick in Vanilla Peach


I was put off buying Secret Key’s Sweet Glam Tint lip colour for ages because it is quite clearly a Dior lipstick rip off and I can’t bear that kind of thing. But I eventually caved – I haven’t used anything from Secret key (yet another low end Korean brand!) before so I thought I would […]

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Amazing Grace & Eyes to Mesmerize in Bette


Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics feels like brand that has really anchored itself in the hearts of those who like their high end luxury make up – indeed there is a big swish counter in my local Selfridges, not an easy spot to inhabit if you’re a brand that doesn’t sell well, and whilst I haven’t actually […]

RMK Casual Solid Foundation Review & The RMK Base Face!


Whenever RMK release a new foundation I get really excited – see, they make my favourite foundation in the world, the Creamy Base, so I always have big expectations for any new product they have.  As I already have quite a few products from their base range I can also mix and match accordingly too!  […]

Sew Lomax SOS Sets Review!


One thing I’ve realised I can’t have enough of is well sized strong pouches and bags for me to store all my bric-a-brac in (ie. keep all the rubbish in my handbags organised).  Indeed, even when I am packing ‘light’ I am still carrying around a ton of things with me incase I need it, […]

Mama Mio Your Pregnancy Essentials Kit Review


At what point after having a baby are you no longer ‘post partum?’ When your belly is completely flat again? (you wish).  Well 4 months after giving birth I am definitely still in recovery mode – the post partum hair loss has started (boo) and my skin is just settling down. Scars are healing but […]

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