Is a cream lip balm any good? Monu First Defence Lip Balm Review

I am a self confessed lip balm addict. I’ve tried down right weird ones, very pretty ones and I’ve even taught you to make your own.

Monu is a brand I like despite it’s simplicity and I recently got a sample of the lip balm to test. This product is quite unconventional, in that it is a cream lip balm and comes in a tube with a pump:


Please excuse this lame photograph – photos are about to get a lot better on this blog by the way, now that I have the beautiful Nikon D7000!

This lip balm is supposed to do everything a normal lip balm does; sooth dry lips, protect from the sun and leave a plump, soft, smooth result.This lip balm also contains Rose essential oil, wheat germ oil, beeswax and vitamin A and E.

I would describe this as a thick white cream, similar to a rich eye balm. It does feel odd applying something of this kind of texture to the lips, since I’m used to applying waxy products to the lips.


This product reminds me a lot of the Aesop Lip Balm I bought a while ago, but thicker.

This product has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

On the good side, it sinks in quickly, it leaves the lips very soft and is the perfect night time repair treatment. It smells of roses and I did notice less lines on my lips when using this.

On the negative side, the packaging makes it difficult to randomly reapply like you would with a normal lip balm. The cream also can leave a residue on the lips – whilst this is nothing major if you are applying a lipstick on top you may want to know that you lips will be a bit ‘greasy’.

Also if you end up eating a bit – it doesn’t taste very nice!


Despite the minor negatives, this is a really interesting product for lip lovers – I wouldn’t use this too much in the day but as a night time lip balm I think it’s excellent. My lips are in better condition since using this although I do forget now and again!

If you are ok with using cream on your lips and with the slightly awkward pump action tube, then this could be for you.

Check out the lip balm here for £9.25.

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  1. says

    Cool! I use a lip cream too on models especially the really dry ones as I find that it’s more of a treatment and you don’t get the shine of a lipbalm. Will check out this brand. Thanks Rowena! x

    • Row says

      Hi Kenneth

      Glad you like it. I don’t like too much shine or grease under my lipstick which is why I like this lip cream xxx

  2. Jen says

    This kinda reminds me of the Blistex lip creams (the lip massage, lip relief cream and the intensive moisturiser)…my friend at uni was addicted to the lip relief stuff lol