Review: Fat Burner Energy Lipbalm

First stickers that go on the bottom of your feet, then calculators you carry round with you to calculate the calories in all your food, then its pills that make you have oily farts.

The never ending desire to find a quick/cheap/easy ways to lose weight is never ending. Trust me I know.

Six Second Abs? Have it. Wii Fit? Have it. Pills and teas? Have it. That Calculator? I have it.

I recently bought this to become a full circle weight-loss-gimmick-addicted-loser:

fat burner energy lip balm.jpg

I bought Fat Burner in Acai Berry flavour – devised by Dr. Allan Kurtz, this lipbalm is supposed to kurb the desire to munch and energizes you.

What’s the secret? – Ingredients include: Hoodia Extract: appetite suppressant – Green Tea Extract: aids metabolism – Chromium Picoliante: helps fat burn and increase energy – Natural Caffeine: helps calorie control.

Mmmm, ok. Let’s br-br-br-break it down into a good old pros and cons:


1. It has SPF 15

2. It actually has a lovely texture and is a nice lip balm

3. It’s a nice flavour


1. At £4.95 I think it is expensive for a conventional stick lip balm

2. The packaging is gay. Do you want to pull this hideous looking lip balm out after a coffee with clients? HEY LOOK AT ME! I AM USING A LIP BALM THAT BURNS FAT! I AM THAT LAZY AND GULLIBLE!

medical-weight-loss-program.jpg (JPEG Image, 426x282 pixels).jpg


All of the above means tosh of course – what we really need to know is if this works. And I think it…kind of works. Or maybe it doesn’t. I did look at a Chocolate ring doughnut with disdain after applying it but it could be because I realized it had been there for 3 weeks.

How can I honestly, conclusively tell you that a lip balm does, or doesn’t help you lose weight? I can’t. Weight loss depends on too many factors.

I am looking at my podge, and its still there. Fat Burning Lip Balm? Hmm. I shall furrow my brow – as a lip balm its a nice little thing, although as just a plain lipbalm it isn’t worth £4.95.

But if you are open to suggestion, then this might work for you. You just have to believe it is working and it just might stop you from reaching for a cream cake, right?

You can buy it here.

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  1. Nina says

    I seriously busted out laughing as I read “The packaging is gay.” Maybe at 2:30 in the morning anything sounds funny to me.

  2. Debbie G says

    I’ve been on a strict, nutritionist-monitored diet which requires me to leave 5 hours between meals. Normally, not picking all day would be unheard-of for me as I’d be ravenous after 3 hours. I don’t know whether this is psychological or whether there really is something remarkable in these little tubes but I haven’t gone hungry at all. I’ve now lost 21 lbs. In fact, I don’t really care if it is all in the mind, as being able to follow a strict regime without hunger is a first for me. It could have been my body’s natural serotonin kicking in or it could be the secret ingredients in Burner Balm. Who knows? Who cares, I’ve lost 21lbs! Many thanks for a great little beauty product!

    Debbie G, Lecturer, London UK