Faveo Freedom Bra – Melon Holders

So I was browsing for (new) undey-wears on eBay and what do I find? The Faveo Freedom Bra!

They look like cups but are made for ladies with big chi-chis. They bascially stick on and hold them up so that you can theoretically, wear strapless, backless clothes, even if you have gazungas.


You know 13 year old teenage boys are watching this and getting…excited, right?

Now, I have big chi-chis and although it seems like a good idea…I’m not convinced. At. All. If this works I will post a picture of me wearing it. Yeah! Cos I’m pretty sure you would need gravity-defying-space-age-nasa-engineered cups to keep my boobies up with no straps!

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    • Row says

      Hi Emmy

      No not really. I mean………..I have BIG baps and having this on was better than nothing but they still looked ridiculous. I guess straps are there for a reason!