Maybelline Lip Smooth Botanicals Natural Lip Balm Review

When I go abroad, especially Asia I love to see what the big mainstream brands have for the customers out there – for example, the major brands almost always have a whitening range that isn’t available for the European market. 

Even high street brands have different ranges for the brand. I spotted this cheap and cheerful lip balm from Maybelline which I don’t think is out in the UK?

Maybelline Lip Smooth Botanicals Natural Lip Balm Review

This is a natural lip balm with orange peel, and is supposed to heal the lips without being sticky.

I have a terrible terrible obsession with lip balms! I also lose them quite easily…I was clearing my desk at work and I had about EIGHT lip balms. Whoops!

Anyway – this Maybelline lip balm was just $5 from eBay – I wasn’t expecting much (my all time favourite balm is Sisley).  But – it’s a really good lip balm!

It has my favourite texture for a lip balm – creamy and rich, not too much shine so that lipstick can go on top of it, and is very hydrating.

Maybelline Lip Smooth Botanicals Natural Lip Balm Review 2

Ingredients list is decent too:

Maybelline Lip Smooth Botanicals Natural Lip Balm Review 1

Provided I don’t end up losing this lip balm too, I will happily add it to my current rotation 😀 

Have you found any cheap and cheerful nice lip balms recently?

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  1. Nice! Pretty sure we don’t have this in Japan.
    Right now, I’m enjoying the tart Nivea Fruity Shine in Pomegranate – got it in Singapore, I think. It is shiny with a bit of a berry tint and has SPF. The texture is a bit slippery though – I prefer a bit more of a creamy texture – but it’s fun and perks me up. These days, I demand SPF in my lip balms and the tint is a nice bonus as I’m always rushing to work.

  2. OoOo-ing and ahh-ing at the ingredient list. It’s nice to see this is a beeswax & paraben-less lip balm. And no peppermint oil too! My lips do not like peppermint oil but it sure does love coconut oil 😀

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