Holika Holika Premium Sheep Milk Yoghurt with Wild Berry Wash Off Pack Review

I am a simple kinda girl when it comes to face masks (or maybe just generally?!) – although I have tons of sheet masks, I realised I didn’t really use them because you have to stay pretty still when wearing them…and I’m not so good at that! 

So have been using more wash off masks when I have the time for a pamper.  The quicker and more efficient a mask is the better. A recent purchase is this Holika Holika Premium Sheep Milk Yoghurt mask with Wild Berry!

Holika Holika Premium Sheep Milk Yoghurt with Wild Berry Wash Off Pack Review

I have a huge soft spot for creamy type masks – the truth is my skin is very sensitive and the wrong mask can still send it doo-laly for weeks. Creamy ones I tend to have a bit more luck with. 

Holika Holika is fast becoming a really strong Korean make up and Skincare brand – they’re pretty creative with their new releases. Sometimes though there are SO many new products that I wonder how much care and time has been spent developing them, are if they’re just being churned out in pretty bottles.

This version is a wash off type (although my skin sucked a lot of it up), has lots of vitamins and lactic acid to make the skin soft (apparently).  It can be left on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing off.

There is also a Green Tea version of this mask for combination skins. 

This mask is very much like a face cream in texture:

Holika Holika Premium Sheep Milk Yoghurt with Wild Berry Wash Off Pack Review 1

It’s very light, ladies with dry skin like me may want to be more generous on it on the driest areas as it will sink in fast. 

I’ve used this a few times and I like it – no allergies apart from a tiny bit of itching on the cheek (trust me, I get this with a lot of products) it gives me a good moisture boost when I need it and my skin feels more ‘bouncy’ however – I wouldn’t say it left my skin brighter or amazingly different from normal.  I can’t say it’s a miracle mask but it does sort out some dry patches temporarily. 

I purchased this from eBay for around £10.

What is your favourite face mask?

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  1. so so so cute, so different from all the stuff i’ve seen around and only £10. win :)
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  2. That sounds lovely – I too cant keep still and always end up with dry gunk in my hair after doing a facemask :-)

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