Where to buy Japanese Make Up! Adambeauty.com Online Shopping Guide

Note: I am not affiliated with Adambeauty.com in any way. I do not receive free products, any discounts or any payment from the company in any shape or form.

Adambeauty.com is my favourite place on the whole interweb to buy make up. It is run by someone called Adam Chan, hence, ‘Adam Beauty’.


I have been a loyal customer for years and years. I like the site because they offer Asian make up and skincare at great prices (unlike some sites that totally rip you off, especially when you see what the retail price).

Shipping is quick (average 5-7 days) and it’s just $2 for recorded delivery (I know the cost of shipping is built into the product but I don’t feel this inflates the price of the product at all). There is also an EMS shipping option (3-5 days fully tracked and delivered by Parcelforce).

I NEVER pick this because *touch wood* the recorded service is excellent. If you live in a country with dodgier post, you may want to choose EMS.

The only downside is that he can be a bit slower to get new ranges in (he is based in Hong Kong, not Japan after all) and he doesn’t so far stock some of the my favourite brands, like Canmake, Melliesh Dollywink etc.

The site can also be difficult to use – hard to read if you don’t understand Chinese and hard to navigate.

Hence – here is a quick, basic guide! If you have any more questions please feel free to ask I will TRY to help!

Ok, here is the home page:


ARGH! Where to start!

There are a few ways to search the site for what you want.

How you search will obviously depend of if you know what you want, or if you are just browsing. Personally, I am always looking for new releases (just browsing!) or something specific (like a repurchase) in which case I will search by brand.

Or I will have a new product in mind but I don’t know what it is I want yet (like I feel like a new cleanser) in which case I will use the drop down menus. Some of the options:


1. Search by Brand
2. Search by drop down menu (Categories, ie. Point Make Up*)
3. New Items, Promotional items, Clearance Items. Click on the words to see the relevant category.
4. Search Box for Key words

*Point Make Up means colour make up; blushers, lip stick, eye make up etc. In other words, NOT base make up!

When you click on the brand, you will get it’s sub brands on the right hand side. So if you click on Kanebo, you will get Kanebo brands (it’s like L’oreal owning a number of brands)…:


Click on the one you want.

If I wasn’t sure what brand the product I wanted was (say I wanted my favourite eye make up remover, Softymo – I would use the drop down menu.)

I would go to SKINCARE (in Search) and MAKE UP OFF (in product). I know there isn’t a specific category for Eye Make Up Remover so you just have to think laterally.

Suddenly this page loads up. What do you know! It’s make up removers. I can see my eye make up remover from here:


1. The items on sale are in the left hand side bar. See, I’ve seen my make up remover! Click on this to load it.
2. Scroll down to see the items
3. Remember that you can navigate away from here at any time and search using these small categories on top. However, there is no search box on the browsing pages.

Once you have clicked on the item it will load. Click buy now – sometimes they will say out of stock.


Let’s look at the basket!


It will tell you how many things you have in there, the price in Hong Kong dollars and the US price which is the one I will use as a guide. RMB is the currency of China.

Sometimes if there are multiple options you need to scroll down to pick a colour like this:


Ok let’s go to pay. Click on the cart, and you will get this view.


Click on your region to continue. I selected International and get to this page.


You must select ONE option. $2 is for recorded delivery or EMS. EMS prices vary and it’s clearly displayed depending on where you line. For the UK it’s $16. As I said earlier I have never chosen this, I’ve never needed to.

Remember to add your phone number if you want to use EMS.

Click on Cashier.

One more window to check what you have bought!

Click on Paypal when ready:


You will then be led to Paypal to pay. Done!

About 12-24 hours payment Adam will send you an invoice with what you have bought attached as a PDF. Be aware that this could easily be diverted to your spam box! So check there. Check everything is ok (if not email him) and then you will have a tracking number.

HK tracking will tell you when it’s left the country (it’s a brilliant postal service over there) then it’s up to our Royal Mail kids to deliver to us. On average it’s exactly 1 week.

Out of interest! Adambeauty now sells gifts! Click here from the home page:


Here you can buy Bags, Accessories, Support Tights, Tea and Living Items:


I’ve ordered a make up bag and tea from these sections before, it was great!

So that’s it – a very basic guide to using Adambeauty.com.

Any questions?

Guide up to date as of 11/10/2010

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  1. Vicky says

    I have one question, it shows 68HK and $13. Google tells me 68HK is $8,7, do you know where i’m wrong?