Hair Straighteners better than GHD? Cloud Nine Hair Iron Review

This review is only about a million years overdue, oops. Better late than never!

I got a pair of Cloud Nine Irons ages ago to try. I admit, I seem to spend a lot of time admiring electrical goods in the box before finally ripping it open and giving it a good run.

Maybe I just like to keep things pristine….

Anyway, Cloud Nine Irons, they say, is a real contender to the might GHDs. These pricy hair stylers have temperature control, a swivel cord, heat guard, hibernation mode, dual adaptor, temperature control etc.

It comes in a very posh box:


I am generally to lazy to do anything with my hair but I am slowly warming to doing a few quick waves with a hair straightener so I don’t look like I’ve just rolled out of a cave.

I have GHDs too – they are pretty amazing things even after all this time but I hate the way it drags my hair when I try to do the flips.

Cloud Nines come with a heat guard, and they are very well made hair stylers. They feel quite heavy like the GHDs – not flimsy at all…


And how does it perform compared to the GHDs?I have to say I think these are better.

I feel like the tool works just as well as GHDs, but they feel smoother to run through the hair than GHDs.

These also get hot very quickly and in a few runs through my hair, it’s sorted. Like GHDs, the Cloud NInes last all day – I’ve found with cheaper straighteners, my hair frizzes up after a few hours. Not so with these!


I like the digital temperature control. I admit I have a bad habit of basically turning it up to full whack so the job is quicker but I found 150 was actually good for me and less traumatic for the hair.



Really excellent hair straighteners/styler that is well worth £130 is you style your hair a lot.

If you already have the GHDs I wouldn’t say it’s necessary to splash out on these unless you want to do more than straighten (ie. curling) – as the Cloud Nines are excellent for creative work.

If your GHDs are broken or you use just need an upgrade, this is an excellent choice and definitely one to invest in. I have been using these for 8-9 months and they work as well as the first time so yeah, a worthy investment (take it from someone who bought about 12 pairs of cheap straighteners before buying GHDs!).

Check out the tongs here.

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  1. says

    filing this info away for the day when I’m not too lazy to style my hair. still wash-n-go for now! I can hardly be bothered to put mousse/wax in my hair (don’t wanna wake up that early)

  2. liloo/tsunimee says

    so I don’t look like I’ve just rolled out of a cave. = hahahahahahahahahaha
    it drags my hair when I try to do the flips = what does it do when you try to do the carthwheels? haha
    this review is soooooooooo funny.
    yes, i need these in my life

  3. Rebecca Ho says

    LOL at “rolled out of a cave” XD
    i have the nicky clarke salon proffesional ones (the red ones)
    have you tried them?
    if not i do recommend them they cost £80 but are currently half off at boots!!
    they’re probably not as good as the cloud nine ones but are good if you dont want to spend a load