Portable Blusher Alert! Susan Posnick Color Me Blusher in Peony Review

I’ve had a few experiences with Susan Posnick make up, all, I have to say, positive.

I think their Mineral foundation, although expensive, is excellent – one of the few I am happy to wear day to day (I still need to be converted to mineral foundation!) and their Essential Hydrating Lipsticks were surprisingly creamy and pigmented.

Next to try is Susan Posnick’s Color Me Mineral Color Blusher!


COLORME– a delightfully easy-to-apply face color for cheeks, eyes, and anywhere else you desire lush blush. This travel-friendly makeup comes in a petite self-dispensing pot with an attached puff and mirror for easy application.

Ahh yes, the packaging – this is one of the special points of this loose powder blusher. Ok, so you have probable seen this kind of blusher applicator before:


But when I’ve had them in the past, they drove me NUTS because I couldn’t get enough product out of them. I’m kinda impatient…I am happy to report that this blusher doesn’t have powder flow issues – a good amount (but not too much) powder is dispensed. Not drop kicking required to get the powder to show…

There’s also a mirror on the lid. I thought it was a bit gimmicky, until I was actually sat at my desk at work, doing my make up (this happens when I’ve rolled out of bed in the morning after a 5am bedtime) and had no mirror on me.

Then the mirror is a FABULOUS idea.



There’s no horrible sparkles in this blush, it’s sort of satiny, easy to wear, mass appeal type thing.

The sponge applicator is actually very good – at least for me. I mean, I don’t carry a blusher brush with me, too big, and sometimes I can over do it. With this sponge it’s actually quite a good way of moderating the amount put on the cheeks AND to blend it at the same time.

I sort of pat pat pat, dab dab dabbed it on lightly. Easy!


I prefer this format for loose powder blushers, otherwise I just get it everywhere.



Oh yes, here are the shade choices. I’d definitely buy some in the future, I’d say Cameila and Lotus Sun.



Super easy to use, a nice flattering colour and long lasting, not drying etc. on the skin.

Only fault? I guess it’s quite bulky, especially if you are putting it in a small make up bag to carry round. It’s perfect for weekends away and holidays though.

Look Fantastic stocks the blushers for £21.95 and free shipping!

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  1. says

    They are so easy to apply arn’t they!

    I have carmelia and its gorgeous.It does shimmer and sparkle though, so Im not sure if it’d be right for you Row.