Susan Posnick Colorflo Mineral Make Up

I am slowly learning to love mineral make up. My problem is I hate anything at all that is cakey – hate hate hate. I’d rather have a face that looks like its been dipped into a frying pan than one that looks like its been dipped into a bowl of flour.

I decided to try a mineral foundation big boy – one of the old and tested brands. Susan Posnick is relatively unknown in the UK – I can’t think of any Susan Posnick counters in the UK anyway.


The Colorflo foundation comes in a brush applicator, which means you can shake to get the powder foundation out.

They say:

No synthetic emulsifiers or preservatives are used, this pure mineral make-up comes as a loose powder and the light-diffusing particles will soften fine lines and brighten your skin. The fine powder doesn’t clog pores while non-irritating minerals are pure enough to sleep in.

Micronised titanium oxide and zinc oxide provide broad spectrum sun protection with an SFP 26 whilst other oxides help fight free radicals. The formulation includes vitamin A, an anti-oxidant, and vitamin E, a natural moisturiser and anti-oxidant, whilst iron oxides provide the basis for the colour.

Directions of use:

* Gently sweep for light coverage
* Or apply in circular motion for more coverage
* Slide clear plastic sleeve up to create a smaller brush for more precise coverage
* Use with concealer brush on blemishes
* Wash brush thoroughly before refilling



Now, the price is quite scary. £44.95 for the case and refill. Yes, nearly £50 smackers! But – this is supposed to last around 3 years (they say) plus future refills are £21.95. In other words, its the inital investment that is quite high.

So the strengths are that this is super easy to apply, has SPF, is sweat proof and like most mineral make up, if natural and good for the skin.


Active Ingredients: Micronized Titanium Dioxide (6%), Micronized Zinc Oxide (6%)

Inactive Ingredients: Iron Oxides, Mica, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Bismuth Oxychloride, Super Oxide Dismutase

Yep, theres Bismuth Oxychoride in it. If you are allergic to this, then avoid.

The colour chart:


I got M4, which is spot on.

How to get the different types of coverage:

* SHEER COVERAGE — Simply sweep brush over face.
* MEDIUM COVERAGE — Move the brush in a circular motion over the face.
* MAXIMUM COVERAGE — Stipple (pat) the brush over one area at a time.
* CONCENTRATED COVERAGE — Slide the clear plastic sleeve up to create a smaller brush — Great for application as an eyeshadow base or to cover redness around the nose.
* PRECISE COVERAGE — Unscrew base of container, dip the tip of your Susan Posnick Concealer Brush into the minerals and apply.


I liked this product a lot even though it is pricey. The brush isn’t a Kabuki brush and it’s not as soft as I liked but it did the job well. It’s the foundation I have been carrying around with me every day, because it’s so easy to use, to top up in one quick action. And you can build it up – I find that with an extra layer or so it will cover redness and light blemishes. I would suggest if you need high coverage that you use a cream or liquid foundation under this and use this as a setting powder (as I do sometimes).

This is a good quality product and I would recommend it if you want something that is super easy to use (I’ve used it constantly in the car, topping up, setting make up etc.) and have the budget for it.

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