No. 7 Skin Illuminator

I am always attracted to skin illuminating products although in the end, I don’t use them much. They are usually too greasy, or glittery, too subtle or over the top.

No7 Skin Illuminator is an amazing radiance boosting beauty fluid with tiny iridescent particles that shimmer in the light, giving skin a healthy looking glow.

There are 2 shades, pink and peach. Peach is a warm, golden tone and pink is a whitish pale pink tone.


These both come with a brush applicator which part of me likes, because it is a really easy, lazy way to put the product on. Another part of my is wondering how hygienic it will be after more uses, and whether it will go every where.


The product itself is very nice. It is subtly highlighting, not too over the top and can be used in larger areas without being garish or too harsh. The pink is whiter, so I would suggest to use that sparingly as its more obvious than the peach shade.


For summer these are ideal – on top of foundation it’s more obvious, underneath its more of a glow. I have to say I think I prefer underneath.


You can mix it in with moisturizer or foundation too, BUT – tricky with that applicator on the end.

Product – gorgeous

Packaging – meh

These costs £10.30 each, but there’s loads of offers on at the moment 3 for 2 on No.7.

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  1. says

    This reminded me of my Revlon’s skin illuminator, my first!! I bought it when it was on sale and I felt bad coz I don’t know how to use at that time so by the time I learned how to use it, it got expired! :) Thanks for this!