6: Skinfood Apple Black Liquid Eyeliner

More Skinfood reviews! I love a good black liquid eyeliner – I have already mentioned that the Skinfood range is vast (read more here!) and I didn’t realize they did so many cosmetics too.

eBay.com.my_ new Korean brand SKINFOOD Apple Liquid Eyeliner (black) (item 320332535063 end time Mar 17, 2009 12_47_47 MYT).jpg

This item is the Apple Black Liquid Eyeliner (7g). It’s like a traditional liquid liner with a thin brush applicator. I haven’t used this kind of liquid liner for a while – my best type of applicator for liquid eyeliner is the pen sort (such as Shu Uemura and Lunasol’s, which are refillable, or KATE and SANA’s, which are not. I prefer the refillable type and you can push through more ink and get the colour really dark, the non-refillable types I find are a little grey. But I digress….)


It smells a little appley. It doesn’t smell that strong and the smell is a little artificial but then again – who needs nicely scented eyes?!?!?!? Apple is supposed to be moisturizing to the eye area.


The applicator is great. Even though I’m not fond of these kinds of liners, the hairs stay together, they are soft but not too soft, not too hard and smooth. It works pretty well.


Once this liner dries, it is waterproof and smudgeproof. The colour is a very very very true black shade.


This is a wonderful black eyeliner. You need to give it a few seconds to set then it doesn’t budge and it’s a lovely true black. The scent isn’t annoying either. I would still use my Shu when I am in a rush super easy and dummy proof, but when I have a bit more time, I will use this. RECOMMENDED! Cost £8 from eBay, from everyfunshop (seller).

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      Hey BBB

      We should all have fruit on our faces 😀 I know, I know, Skinfood come up with the craziest food + skincare combos! Makes it interesting! x