SANA Make Essence Pore Cover – Cute!

After the SANA Make Essence under eye concealer – reviewed here, comes the SANA pore concealer!


It’s cute isn’t it? I really liked Make Essence concealer although its a LIGHT under eye concealer. I personally hate thick and cakey concealers under the eye and I find most will crease eventually.



I have never met a seal in real life. If I did it would probably be big and smelly and slimy.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with pore covering products lately – Clarins and Dariya’s are my recent purchases.


The texture, like the concealer is quite thin and its a paleish pink colour:




After (my skin seemed to get a bit red too):


So as you can see the results are SUBTLE. If I hadn’t have tried the Dariya a week or two before I would have though this was good, but in comparison, this is really no good. Sorry Mr Seal! I wanted to like you so much but you are too thin to be any good!

Verdict: Get it for cuteness or because you want to keep the economy going, not because you need to conceal pores.

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