Moisturiser for sensitive skin: MAC Complete Comfort Creme Review

MAC skincare!? Pah! It’s strange when companies famous of make up then make skincare because I always wonder if it’s just a pointless add on. Having said that I adore Shu Uemura skincare and NARS (although they are both Japanese made, and Japanese brands in general cross over skincare and cosmetics quite well). 

I did buy this Complete Comfort Creme a while ago after the MUA used it on me 
after a cosmetic trial.   I liked how thick it felt on my dry sensitive skin:

MAC Complete Comfort Creme Review

They say:

A moisturiser formulated to instantly rehydrate the skin and provide immediate and ongoing relief from redness and irritation. Ultra-creamy, provides high-comfort wear while providing sensitive skin with the soothing benefits associated with its calming plant-and marine-based formula.

MAC Complete Comfort Creme is a super rich thick cream that feels instantly soothing for people with dehydrated skin.  It definitely deals with the dryness but the sensitivity – I would say I still had some mild tingling on the sorest parts of my skin. 

Moisturiser for sensitive skin MAC Complete Comfort Creme Review

It comes in a 50ml tub which is a fairly generous amount.

The cream looks white in the photo but I think has a pale pink colour to it.  There’s a plastic scent to it – I really can’t think of a better way of describing it then a new tupperware box which I am not fond of but I can certainly live with.  I’d prefer this over a super strong perfume in the product, which I can’t stand but it does make the product feel a bit cheap.

MAC Comfort Cream Review

I used this for a while to the build up to my wedding. This is one of those simple bland creams that work really well when you are dry all over, but I would’nt say it is the most calming or soothing.

I am going to keep this and move on to another cream for now, because I want to use something that offers a bit more (I am more concerned with pigmentation and skin unevenness at the moment) but whenever my skin feels really dehydrated I will definitely use this again. 

This costs £23.50 – it’s on the MAC website.  I got it on counter. 

Have you ever tried MAC skincare?

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  1. says

    I don’t often have dry, dehydrated skin (it’s more normal-oily than anything) but when I do, Nuxe Reve de Miel range is a Godsend.

    It seems like they’ve updated the range and split the face cream into a Day and Night version, but when I used it, it was just one cream for whenever.

    The cream is beautifully creamy and moisturising without being overly heavy and it smells beautiful. I’m not fond of scent in skincare either, but this stuff is just heavenly. It sorted out my dry patches and kept them at bay in a jiffy.

    Love it.

  2. says

    I used to have very dry and sensitive skin. After I used Sulwhasoo religiously for 3 mths (morning only), it completely change my skin from dry to normal. I’m loving it. I’m on another brand rotation at the moment but will definitely go back to Sulwhasoo later in winter.